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~ “I know a boy from an island, he stands apart from the crowd, he loves the sea and his people, he makes his whole family proud

“Sometimes the world seems against you, the journey may leave a scar, but scars can heal and reveal just where you are

“The people you love will change you, the things you have learned will guide you, and nothing on Earth can silence the quiet voice still inside you, and when that voice starts to whisper, Hiccup, you’ve come so far, Hiccup, listen-

“Do you know who you are?” ~

i did feelsy thing because character parallels

[Translation] Dark Side of the Moon.

Levi’s Character Song by Kamiya Hiroshi - Full song available here.

Translated by pammu_28 on twitter, posted here with their kind permission ♡.

Even if we try to change the current world
There is one certain thing
We have no way out

Outside the wall is hell
And inside is full of deception
We only have to accept them
And fulfill our duties

Don’t you try to use your insufficient brain?
Overwhelming emotions will get you killed?

To pierce through dark side of the moon
We have to be faster
And sometimes unhesitatingly cruel
You are not wrong. Do as you want to
There is no answer here
Just make your own decision with no regrets

To survive here
You need to be trained
by painful remembrance
More than educated by words

Avoiding sacrifice and peril
might end up achieving nothing
Prepare yourself for it

To expose hidden side of the moon
keep calm, don’t scream
and look through any situations
Without result, there is no right thing
Therefore, just for the last moment
Live your life in the way
that leaves no regrets behind

Gallant soldiers fallen behind my back
The thoughts they left give me power
Someday we will certainly
destroy the impeding wall and break free
I dedicate my life for it

(repeat *)

The translation for Erwin’s song is also available here!

Cursed fandom gifset types

•Tvtropes tropes to describe characters
•Hamilton lyrics
•"screw writing strong women"
•21 Pilots lyrics

Breathe, savor it, own it, I swear to
god if I’m hostin’ I’m makin’ the most of this moment and I am–

from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s opening monologue on Saturday Night Live

[Translation] Hope of Mankind.

Erwin Smith’s Character Song by Ono Daisuke - Full song available here.

Translated by pammu_28 on twitter, posted here with their kind permission ♡.

I dispelled the pretense hope
And will not offer flickering dream
The very present condition is nothing but agony

Sometimes the best plan is to cast away precious lives
Defending the way forward till the very last moment
is theory in battlefield

In the endless CRISIS
I continue to lead soldiers
No matter what I have abandoned,
I will hold onto hope of mankind

I have stared at human’s inferiority
to the point that I get tired of
Even so we are not yet defeated

The weak who don’t make sacrifice
What kind of chance to win they have?
The opponent we should confront
Is 100 years of menace

Over and over again
I plunge into the endless CRISIS
Searching for fragment of the heart (of the truth)
The only Hope of Mankind

In endless CRISIS
I continue to lead soldiers
Persisting in umtrembling faith
until the day that everything comes to an end

One live is not enough
to atone for those volunteers
who died tragic deaths and became preys?
If I went to hell, after that I would….(atone)
I believe that decisions I make at this very moment
will create tomorrow

Over and over again
I plunge into the endless CRISIS
Searching for fragment of the heart (of the truth)
The only Hope of Mankind

Things I have abandoned are countless
Even though the things we gained are very few
As long as we contend for
There is still possibility

The translation for Levi’s song is also available here!.

On love: Agape

Ok, first of all, I don’t know any Latin - this translation of the lyrics was done by @littlechubbyyuuri​ that I found here

I’d been looking for the lyrics + translation for quite a while, so I was really happy when I finally found them. I thought it would give me some major insight into Yuri’s character, since lyrics in YoI never seem to be picked at random.

But after reading the translation I was a little … huh? That’s not Yuri. 

So I kept turning it back and forth in my mind until suddenly a thought snuck up on me.

Wasn’t Agape going to be Viktor’s short program? Same as Eros? 

So, what if Agape isn’t about Yuri, but about Viktor?

I’ll show you what I mean in a second - let’s go over the lyrics in hors d’oevre-sized morsels:

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Hamilton Characters as 21 Chump Street Lyrics
  • (Another in my series, see my blog for Hamilton as Hairspray, HSM, Starkid)
  • Alexander Hamilton: Light skinned, puerto rican dominican long hair mature in the body like woah
  • Aaron Burr: In other words, Justin had made an irreversibly bad decision.
  • Eliza Schuyler Hamilton: Next thing you know we're texting day and night, I trust her right know I never met anyone like her bro.
  • Angelica Schuyler Church: What the heck did you do?
  • John Laurens: There are kids you remember, the ones that you think about after you're gone
  • Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette: New York, where dreams are made!
  • Hercules Mulligan: For a certain someone some girl he wants to be touchin'
  • George Washington: Seriously these kids need to learn there are consequences in life.
  • King George III: Who do I have to be for you to be with me?
  • Samuel Seabury: LOLOLOL
  • Peggy Schuyler: a very pretty girl showed up
  • Thomas Jefferson: Are we supposed to trust him?
  • James Madison: There's nothing I won't do for you, I'll come through for you, every time. Just in time
  • Maria Reynolds: I'll find a way to repay you Justin ;)
  • Phillip Hamilton: He's our blood and we love him, awh little Justin is crushin!
  • General Charles Lee: smiley face
Throne of Glass characters as Hamilton lyrics
  • Aelin: I probably shouldn't brag but dag I amaze and astonish
  • Rowan: When I fight I make the other side panicky
  • Nehemia: I will lay down my life if it sets us free
  • Aedion: No one has more resilience or matches my practical tactical brilliance
  • Lysandra: I never had a group of friends before I promise that I'll make y'all proud
  • Dorian: Life doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints
  • Manon: Turn around, bend over I'll show you where my shoe fits
  • Elide: He looked at me like I was stupid I'm not stupid
  • Asterin: If they dont reach a peace that's alright, time to get some pistols and a doctor on site
  • Nesryn: I joined a rebellion cause I know it's my chance to socially advance
  • Fenrys: Give me a position show me where the ammunition is!
  • Rolfe: Boom goes the cannon watch the blood and the shit spray
  • Erawan: They say the price of my war's not a price that they're willing to pay
  • Maeve: I'm never gonna stop until I make em drop and burn em up and scatter their remains
  • Chaol: So what'd I miss?
Plots based on kpop songs

Toy || Block B- Character A is in love with Character B, but Character B is just playing with Character A, and isn’t invested in the relationship. Key Line: “because you are the only one for me// and to you I am one of many.”

Bad || Infinite- typical bad girl/bad boy scenario, where the Character A comes and goes from Character B’s life in waves. Key Line: “you come to me like you have me/ you wrap around me/ then you disappear like a dream.”

Blood, Sweat, Tears || BTS - Character A gives their all in the relationship, and Character B is alluring and dangerous. A toxic relationship where Character A is more than willing to be hurt by Character B. Key Lines: “peaches and cream/sweeter than sweet/chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings/ but your wings are devil’s wings.”

Whistle || BLACKPINK - Character A finds Character B to be the most beautiful/handsome person. Character A is sought after, but only wants to be with Character B. Key Lines: “Don’t pass me by/if you can’t forget me either/my heart for you is fire.”

Liar Liar || Oh My Girl- Character A has a crush on Character B, but gets insecure and jealous when other people flirt with Character B, so refuses to own up to their crush. Typical “admire from afar” plot, or unrequited love. Key Lines: “not yet, not yet//I can’t tell him. Who’s that, who’s that//The pretty girl who said hi.”

Call Me Baby || EXO- Characters A and B are total strangers who meet suddenly, and Character A is immediately infatuated with them. Character proceeds to flirt and do anything to try and get with Character B. Key line: “I’ll do what I need to be the man by your side.”

Eyes, Nose Lips || Taeyang- Characters A and B are breaking up. Character A wants the breakup to go smoothly, but Character B is a mess. Character B was possessive to the point of them breaking up over it. Key line: “my selfishness that couldn’t let you go/my obsession that imprisoned you.”

If You || BIGBANG- Characters A and B are exes. It was a mutual breakup, but Character B is looking back on it and regretting the decision to break up with Character A. Character B realizes that they have to move on anyway, but they can’t. Key Line: “If it’s not too late, can’t we get back together?

Beautiful Liar || VIXX LR- Character A is a cold person who has trouble expressing their feelings. They hide their feelings and hurt Character B to make Character B leave them because they believe that Character B is too good for them, and that they are ruining Character B. Key Line:as I replay your face when you screamed go away/ I’m tainting our memories that were beautiful.”

Just Right || GOT7 - Characters A and B are dating. Character A is incredibly insecure about themselves, and believes that Character B shouldn’t be with them. Character B does everything in their power to make Character A see that they are perfect. Key Lines: “if you just stay the way you are now/ i want nothing more so don’t change anything.”

Like A Cat || AOA- Character A is a exotic dancer at a club. Character B is a wealthy person who comes in and pays high dollar to see Character A dance, to the point that Character A agrees to meet with them. Character B tries all the tricks to sleep with Character A, who is pleasantly surprised by the attention. Key Lines: “You say you’ve never seen a girl like me before/that you had a feeling as soon as you saw me/ said that I especially shined/even among the many people.”

Ah Choo || Lovelyz- Character A is your stereotypical domestic partner, and has a crush on Character B. Character A is incredibly sweet and shy, and is too afraid to go up to Character B, but leaves little notes and handmade snacks for Character B at work/school/whatever fits the scenario. Key Lines: “there’s so many things I want to tell you/my lips tickle and it’s hard to hold back.”

I’m Sorry || CNBLUE- Character A doesn’t like Character B anymore, but Character B doesn’t seem to understand that. Character A makes it a point to leave things early, and break off contact, but Character B doesn’t understand the implications. It is a breakup that is being avoided. Key lines: “you said you loved me/that i was the only one for you/but those were all lies.”