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Things Confirmed in Tiger Philanthropist

New Characters: Bunch of random wrestlers

  • The Purple Puma and Tiger Millionaire have given up their titles
  • They’ve also given up on wrestling
  • Amethyst is starting to feel more confident in herself
  • Amethyst doesn’t feel like she needs wrestling to have fun anymore
  • Lars is still a Tiger fan
  • A Philanthropist is a person who gives out money
  • Lars considers himself complex
  • Lars was one of the reasons Tiger kept wrestling
Costume Reference

I don’t usually do this sort of thing, but I’m trying to write, and I just looked up “unitard” for the third or fourth time, so I figure I should just document these findings so I don’t keep repeating the same process. 

Tights are worn from the waist to the toes.  Basically the bottom half of Vegeta’s Buu-saga attire, assuming the blue fabric goes all the way over his feet.

I’m pretty sure leggings are like tights, except they leave the feet exposed, but the term may also apply to clothing that covers the legs but not the hips, like Zarbon’s thigh-high stockings.  Actually, I’d probably just call them stockings and leave it there, so I’m not sure “leggings” needs to cover both of these things. 

A unitard is a skin-tight one-piece garment that covers the whole body from the neck down, except for the hands and feet.  In other words, basically Vegeta’s classic costume without the battle vest, shoes, and gloves.

By contrast, a leotard leaves the legs exposed, and maybe the arms as well.   An example of this would be Namole, the guy Frieza ordered to summon the Ginyu Force to Namek.

A bodysuit covers the same body parts as a leotard, but the difference lies in how you put one on.  You pull a bodysuit over your head and fasten it at the crotch.  With a leotard, you put your feet through the neckhole, and I don’t think there is a fastener with those.  But this would explain why leotards have wider openings at the top.  A turtleneck leotard wouldn’t make a lot of sense, unless you had the super-stretchy fabric used by Frieza’s soldiers.  I would imagine that for the purposes of sci/fi fantasy, you could use “leotard” and “bodysuit” interchangeably, and assume it’s all made of some space-age material that magically slips right on and fits perfectly. 

Anyway, the bunny outfit Bulma wore in the first arc of Dragon Ball was probably a bodysuit rather than a leotard, but I’m not posting a picture of it because it shows up on the #dragon ball tag about six times a day already. 

A wrestling singlet is sleeveless, and covers the legs to about halfway down the thighs.  Chilled wore something like this in “Episode of Bardock”.

I’m pretty sure singlets aren’t supposed to have sleeves like Chilled’s costume, but it’d probably be easier to call it a “sleeved singlet” than to figure out some other term.  A “high-cut” singlet exposes the middle of the chest, while a “low-cut” goes all the way down to the belly, as with Chilled.  

A body stocking apparently covers the same body parts as a unitard, but the term seems to be reserved for lingerie or underwear.  So imagine Vegeta’s blue suit if it was made out of see-through lace.  Someone’s probably already drawn that, but I’m not going to track that down.  I wasted enough time figuring out how to spell “Namole”. 

A speedsuit is like a leotard, only it seems to cover the legs down to the upper thigh, kind of like the uniform Krillin wore when he fought Frieza, or Recoome’s costume.

The real-life speedsuits I’ve seen on the internet don’t seem to have sleeves, but this probably varies by design. 

The terms jumpsuit, flight suit, coverall, and boilersuit all seem to refer to the same kind of loose fitting, full-body, one-piece garment, although I’m sure there may be distinctions I’m not looking for at the moment.   Future Bulma wore something along these lines in DBZ.  I couldn’t find a full body shot of her, but you can just look up any of the hosts on MST3K.


If you watched the show, watch the documentary too. It’s called GLOW: THE
The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

Both on Netflix!

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aaaannnd Morty ends up getting a crit and knocking out the gaseous morty (happened to me twice already)

but anyway, here’s my final team of Mortys, i beat the game and now im just looking for all the Mortys to finish my MortyDex

Alpha Mode: Domination - Charcaters/Deets

Hi everyone and thank you so much for reading my first werewolf fic. I know most of you will have some questions about what my story will be like and what to expect. So I decided to make this so that I can give you some important info as well as some deets on what to expect. Also i’d like to introduce you to the first handful of characters in this wonderful story. Lets jump right in!

⇒ This story takes place in an alternate universe where humans and supernaturals live in harmony. Our main character Celsi, is a 23 year old she wolf who is the daughter of the most powerful alpha. She is next in line to take over as alpha. She along with her beta Zaire, are preparing to take over their roles and duties from their fathers. On a faithful day as the pair is headed to the conference room of the pack house to have a meeting with alphas from across the country to discuss pack politics and cross pack training she bumps into one of the most powerful alphas in the world, Alpha Quinton Gordon. He is known for his mean streak, intelligence and his panty dropping looks. He is also known as ‘The Demon Alpha’ because of his extreme short temper. He demands respect from anyone who crosses his path. Once they lock eyes their fates are sealed. He wants a mate who is submissive to him and his overwhelming strength. She wants to loved and respected for who she is. For Celsi and Quinton their wants and beliefs mean there is NO surrender on each of their parts. They say everything is fair in love and war. Is it really? ⇐

 ^^ This is the synopsis.^^ What do you guys think? You guys ready for this?

 Now let me give you some deets on what to expect and some story details.

  • First off Celsi’s mate will be played by Roman. But in the story his name will not be Roman but Quinton.
  • Celsi’s best friend is a male. He is not gay and he is played by another wrestler. Anyone have a guess as to who it is??? ;)
  • This story will not have anything to do with wrestling. It is a supernatural or Werewolf romance story.
  • This story is told in Celsi’s POV. But I will be switching occasionally to Quinton and Zaire’s POV’s as well.
  • There will sex, fighting and death scenes.
  • Foul language will be throughout this story. If this will offend you then this book might not be for you.
  • This will not be a cliche werewolf story where the female is abused by her pack or mate then runs away to come back years later and after many excuses about why it happened and sob stories she takes back her abusive mate. NO! My female character will not take that bs from her mate. She knows she deserves respect and she will get it.
  • In my alternate universe the Moon Goddess has made it where her children can have second chance mates. But only under certain circumstances. (More about that in the story)
  • There will be some scenes where the male character lead does put his hands on his mate. (I want let you guys know that this is not to say it’s okay -Abuse is NEVER okay!!!-  but it goes along with some things you will read beforehand.)
  • Also I know that Romans age along with some of the other characters (who maybe wrestlers as well) ages are wrong. I wanted them to be a bit younger in this story. 

 Ill more deets as the story progresses. Now here are the first handful of characters and some info on each of them.

Celsi Parker Lopez is a 23 year old she wolf with overwhelming strength and power. She is not submissive in the lease due to her nature (There will be more about that in the book). She will not be bowing to her mate in any aspect except in certain situations. She is not a woman of games and puts her all into her role. She believes that everyone is equal and that a title should not define respect and power. She believes that if you want anything you have to earn it. She is funny, caring and protective over the ones she loves. Her Wolf, Neve, is her best friend. Neve is just as fierce as her human if not more so. They can unleash hell if need be on those they deem threats to their pack and family.

At 27 years of age, Quinton Gordon is one of the most powerful Alphas in the world. He is very old fashioned and believes women should be submissive in every aspect of a mating. They should listen when talked to, speak when spoken to and be quiet any other time. He wants his mate to be all of those things to him. He doesn’t believe in love. And he believes in punishment for any form of disrespect. (And no this is not due to his upbringing. His parents are sweet people who did not raise him that way. His wolf, Deegan, is dominate as well.)


Zaire Cater is Celsi’s best friend. He is 4 years older than her but that doesn’t hinder their friendship in the slightest. He thinks of himself as somewhat of a brother to her. Since he could remember he has always been protective of her and her wolf, Neve. His wolf, Manu, even more so. He is somewhat a playboy. Women can’t help but love him with his badboy looks and overwhelming strength and charisma. Due to these things you’d never consider him to be deadly or lethal. But he is. Always calculating and prepared he is known for his unbelievable foresight.

What do you guys think so far? I’ll be posting the first official chapter in the next 2 hours so be ready! 

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would it be tacky to draw some TAZ characters wearing outfits of pro wrestlers who i think have really similar personalities to them

can i draw taako in aries’ signature indoor sunglasses and huge furry coat is what i’m asking

random facts i remember about sharkboy and lavagirl:

  • writer/director created the movie based on his kid’s ideas
  • the actors that played both young sharkboys (like 5 year old sharkboy and 7 year old sharkboy) were the writer/director’s kids and the older one actually had his teeth filed down into points to look like shark teeth for the movie
  • taylor lautner choreographed his own fight scenes
  • a running gag in the movie is that a character puts something in their mouth then immediately spits it out. since the movie was in 3D, it looks like the character is spitting on the audience when this happens
  • a lot of the movie was shot in front of a green screen
  • miley cyrus originally auditioned for lavagirl but ended up taking the lead role on hannah montana instead
  • the writer/director is credited for fourteen different things in the movie
  • at the end of the movie linus/minus was seen drawing a “hero” type character called “mr. positive”
  • the wrestler dean roll filed a lawsuit against the movie, claiming he had already copyrighted the name “shark boy”
  • there two spin off books about the movie: one is a re-telling through sharkboy and lavagirl’s point of view, and the other is a spin-off about sharkboy trying to find his father and lavagirl attempting to remember where she came from
  • there is also a movie story book written by the author’s kid
  • the dream world is called planet drool

Kevin Steen (the future Kevin Owens) wins the Number One Contender Spot in Ring of Honor and celebrates with his tag team partner El Generico (the future Sami Zayn).

Let me just take a moment and meta like mad about what gets me right in the heart about these two (both the characters and the wrestlers).

Gifs 1-2:  Generico being desperately exuberant about how amazing Steen is is a constant theme.  Look at him launch himself into the ring, shoving the ref away so he can embrace Kevin!  Look at him exhorting the crowd to cheer, cheer for his wonderful, talented, fantastic, most amazing friend!


Gifs 5-6:  They tend to play this game as a tag team, where Steen will do something sweet and then go back on it.  I note this still gives the wrestler a chance to celebrate with his friend for a moment before reverting to heel form.

Gifs 7-8:  As a true heel, Steen treats his partner like an object that exists to make his life easier.  It is coincidence, sheer coincidence, that this allows him to stand in the middle of the ring being embraced by his friend.

i love nia’s character! i love her just shoving sasha around, almost mirroring how sasha shoved alexa last night, not to hurt, just to infuriate. i love how she’s destructive and defiant and still vulnerable and teasing and smug. i love how confident in herself she is until the MOMENT she might have someone who likes her, and then she’s awkward and uncertain and annoyed that there’s something that might make her go soft. but still earnestly, genuinely touched and changed by that interaction. i just–nia;s such an interesting character and wrestler, and her interactions with others is fascinating to watch, her reactions to being hurt or caught off guard, her radiant joy when she proves she’s dominant, her uncertainty in alliances, her soft heart and annoying nagging desire to be admired and cared about by someone, i just?????? i love nia jax