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Anyway, I finished quiet fast so- I hope you like it?? I think it fits perfect to Ken and Hazel!! Such a cutiepie pairing ;u; don’t you think?

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Name: Eszter
Age: 25
Country: Hungary

Hi! I am an English major in their last year. I had some struggles with college but I feel confident that I can finally finish it. I used to go to an art specific class in high school and I really love drawing and painting. Sadly, I don’t have much time for it, but I’m set on learning to use oil paint and on most days I doodle something of my own characters. One day I would really like to start my own webcomic(s) I have a few stories in my mind and lots of fleshed out characters. Other than art, I like to read, mostly young adult novels. Lately I have been catching up on the Percy Jackson books and last year I discovered and helplessly fell in love with Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle. Such a wholesome book on a bunch of teenagers who love each other unconditionally. I wish I could have that kind of friendship and devotion. I also like to watch tv shows, some of my faves would be Fringe, The Librarians and Brooklyn Nine Nine. I guess I liked media that focuses on this kind of close friendship and “friends slowly becoming your family” trope. I am ace (asexual) and sapphic (someone who likes/prefers girls) so I would like to talk to someone who respects these parts of me as well, or even better can relate in some way. I also watch some cartoons (Star vs…, Voltron) and anime (Gatchaman Crowds, Sailor Moon). I also really love nature and flowers and cats. My cat is my everything. I am generally a really soft person, but I can be a bit negative given that my personal life has been a bit hectic these last one or two years. I also have social anxieties and it might take me some time to get used to talking to new people, but if you throw up a common interest then I can easily get into the conversation. I feel lonely a lot, so I’d love to have some friends to talk to, and one day I’d love to have a girlfriend as well.
Preferences:  I would prefer to talk to people who are around the same age as me, so like 5-10 years plus/minus. It helps if we have some similar interests or if you can relate to me, and if you are also a creative person. I’m definietely looking for people who want to keep in touch long term, either via Line or e-mail or even the traditional mail.

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Hey Cookiekhaleesi, I have always enjoyed looking at all your characters in Cookies and Crime (btw Nikki Doodle is my personal favorite), but I was wondering on how you made such unique characters? I'm a writer and I am planning my own webcomic, so I was just wondering if you can spare some time to teach this student the sensei's secrets on making unique and lovable characters. I really appreciate it!

Thank you so much! Gosh, let me see here…I guess my main focus is trying to differentiate characters through physical attributes? Be that through distinct markings, diversity in body and facial types, how they stand, their expressions…stuff like that. Granted, that’s something I’m still improving on, but I think it’s a good place to start in general! I hope that was at least a little helpful. :) 

I’m not sure what’s worse: the webcomic that stops abruptly in mid-arc, followed by several years worth of earnest blog posts promising that the “temporary hiatus” is going to end any day now; or the webcomic that inexplicably trudges on like clockwork, week after week and year after year, even though the artist clearly lost interest in the story ages ago and can no longer relate to any of their own characters.

there are enough human AUs for Transformers, let's get some Transformer AUs for other series

I want to see Harry Potter as a giant robot. I want to see Snake Eyes turn into a motorcycle. I want characters from random webcomics (other than what itswalky draws of his own characters) as Autobots and Decepticons. Is your fandom about talking animals? Congrats, your Watership Down or Warriors fanfic is now about Maximals and Predacons.