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WEAK- Overwatch Lyric Video

All the ships, people!!

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Favourite Ace-friendly TV-Series: “Doctor Who” (the new series)

How ace/aro friendly is the TV-Series?

ACE: completely safe to watch, EVEN IF YOU´RE SEX-REPULSED. Never goes any further than kissing; a few jokes about sex, but that´s it.

ARO: “Doctor Who” has a lot of characters, so a few romantic relationships are inevitable. However, the series also shows a lot of strong friendships and platonic relationships (e.g. the 10th Doctor and Donna, the 12th Doctor and Clara) and the relationship between the 11th Doctor and River Song can be interpreted as a queer-platonic relationship. The series also has pretty good LGBTQIA+ representation (e.g. Captain Jack Harkness, Madame Vastra and Jenny)

Bonus: the character of the Doctor can be seen as ace-spec; actor Matt Smith has even stated that he sees his character (the 11th Doctor) as asexual

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I don’t usually do this, but first things first, I strongly suggest you watch this video full resolution (1080p) with earphones on and loud enough (the song/sounds’ details will blow your mind). This tribute has no meaning whatsoever. To be honest, I’m only practicing my editing skills on a tv show that has ripped me into pieces. All I know is that I had to do it. I tried to write down how important this show and relationship were but I could never find the words. They fail to express how pure and beautiful it is that they were even created at all. They taught me it was okay to have different relationships standards. I thought the song matched well, but don’t read into the lyrics too much. Sadly, Person of Interest doesn’t belong to me, but I could go on and on about all the things that I would do if it did. Every footage belongs to POI’s rightful owners. Kudos to Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi for perfectly portraying such unique and complex characters. 

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(To any network dropping by : Person of Interest is not interchangeable, please pick it up and go along with the theories saying she isn’t dead.)