Anonymous said: “Demiromantic bisexual Harry is a reality, and Draco is gay asexual”

Years after the war they both come out very publicly around the same time. (It wasn’t planned. Just happened.) Journalists scramble to be first to get a statement from Potter about Malfoy and vice versa. In the end it’s Ginny who gets the scoop. Her guest column for The Quibbler boils down to both saying “Pfft, we’ve been out to each other since like fourth year.”

- Ravenclaw Mod


Hey hey hey looks like there’s a new jerk in town

Wanted to work on more paranormal type characters because who doesn’t love creepy ghostly beings that drag people to Purgatory and is a huge smart-ass to everyone, am I right? 

So yeah Gato here (their full name is Purgatory like where they live) who’s kinda like a demon, kinda like an angel, but more like a ghost. Spooky, I know. Their job is basically like the Grim Reaper, but instead of just taking them to “death”, they specifically takes people to Purgatory where spirits chill until it’s decided if they go to Heaven or Hell. 

Gato can be pretty friendly if they like you, but if not you better get ready to get sick of all their shit after five minutes. It’s kinda how they got the whole “reaping souls” gig, since they drove everyone else in Purgatory up the walls.

So yeah that’s all I got for them for now. I’m gonna try to do more with them (poses, story building, etc) because I really do like them I just gotta straighten out the story a bit more. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy!

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I’m happy I made it this far, and I hope to make many more prompts. Without further ado, here are the first 150 prompts on my blog:

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anonymous asked:

Dominique Weasley is a demisexual aro transgirl -H

Dominique is proud and just a little arrogant. She’s fearless. She’s outspoken. It’s no surprise to anyone when she’s sorted into Gryffindor.

Dominique isn’t really sure of a time in her life when she was afraid. She came out as aromantic and demisexual when she was 17 with no fear at all, not even when she came out purposefully in front of that annoying Barnes boy who made loud and bigoted comments towards her for the rest of her school career. But at 25, when she realizes she is a she and it suddenly clicks why she’s never liked the name Dominic, she’s terrified. Is it too late to come out? Will her parents accept that she is a trans girl? Will her siblings?

But Dominique is impatient. She doesn’t really know how to wait. She gets antsy and snaps at people. So she comes out sooner than she’s sure she’s comfortable with. Thankfully, her mom and dad simply say “well, of course you are” and thank her for trusting them enough to come out to her before they hug away the last of her fear. And dad hints that maybe Dominique should talk to Ginny - they might have more in common than Dominique realizes, leaving Dominique’s mind reeling before Victoire and Louis shout from the other side of the door they’ve been eavesdropping from to ask if they can come in and congratulate her yet. 

~Hufflepuff Mod