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what's the steering comitee

The Steering Committee is just a bunch of assholes that help run Hope’s Peak.

One of their ‘achievements’ was creating the Reserve Course, but Yaskue Matsuda describes it like this:

“People are sheep… They are drawn to a name, and the school took advantage of that to get more money.”

Just a bunch of characterless, money-grubbing generic rich people, but literally everything is their fault because they were fucking up the school before Enoshima even got there.

Oh also, the Izuru Kamukura Project. The Steering Committee and Board of Trustees are basically the same thing–so they were responsible for funding and covering up the Project–and blackmailing Yasuke Matsuda into helping with it.

Also, the covered up Natsumi and Sato’s deaths so… there’s that.

Shitty rich people, basically.

Makoto Kikuchi. Japan Architect Nov 1988, 45
“These seemingly solid objects appear in a plain, characterless space but only as long as they seem to be solid. All man-made things must crumble. Objects created in memory-space too must sooner or later vanish without a trace. But their image was that of something you had never seen before. Even if you have the idea of having seen them before, you do not know them. They are the things dreams of are made of—fragments from the future.”

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hello. i have a somewhat unpopular opinion: with perfumes like miss dior, la vie est belle, la nuit tresor, black opium, and most chloe perfumes, i feel like even if the perfume is nice (though nothing outstanding), as soon as a lot of hype starts surrounding it, then i can't stand it anymore because i smell it literally on everyone. i feel this especially with chanel fragrances - i feel like they don't deserve the praise. i'm genuinely curious to read your thoughts about this...

I know what you mean, I understand. This is an issue with clean, transportable perfumes: they’re so characterless and generic that it’s easy to wear them, and so you begin smelling them on everyone– the perfumes you describe are exactly that, and that’s why I don’t like any of them. They’re not classy, they’re dull. You can have classy perfumes without a trace of blandness about them. Even if I don’t like perfumes like Clinique’s Aromatics Elixir and Guerlain’s Shalimar, I still admire them because they’re distinct and unusual.

With Chanel, I think it’s hard to say. Of the fragrances I have smelled I think No. 19 is most deserving of praise because it’s unusual, sharp and woody; I’ve also not smelled it on a lot of people probably because of that. No. 5 I do like the smell of, but it’s been relentlessly copied. Its flankers don’t match up to it but I can understand how someone could get tired of it. I’ve heard Chanel’s Les Exclusifs are lovely, but I’ve not come across a Chanel boutique.

But, yeah. Wanting to smell clean and everyday comes with the great risk of smelling generic and also characterless. It’s also why I flat-out refuse to do Chloe perfumes: apart from my negative associations with them, they’re just nothing special. There’s nothing about them to spur my imagination. Lancome is similar: pleasant but overwhelmingly dull.

I don’t think any of these perfumes deserve praise; blandness is not interesting. But they’re often convenient, low-profile options, which have their own advantages…

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The only different looking alien ruin I’ve ever found. Funny how every planet, even star systems a part have the same monoliths, the same technology, and pretty much the same characterless NPCs…

It’s still a bit entertaining. I’m just starting to get bored. Only thing keeping me going is to get better starships.


Lookie lookie.
Dear Luna, I am in your precious coffee
Remember, I am not aiming at making music now, just pushing together some characterless tunes and that’s it.