commissions are very much open! i’ll draw pretty much anything. the only thing explicitly off the table is anything sexual in nature (nudity is alright, though). prices can increase depending on complexity of the piece.

extra characters in a piece is an additional ½ of the original price per character

feel free to contact me via tumblr or at my e-mail:

Black Sails Meme

Without further ado:

  • 1 Ship/Ship Battle
  • 2 Episodes
  • 3 Locations
  • 4 Outfits
  • 6 Scenes
  • 5 Relationships (of any kind: family, friendship, love etc.)
  • 4 Pirates
  • 3 Love scenes/Kisses
  • 2 Ladies
  • 1 Minor Character

Feel free to complete this in any way you like – screencaps, gifsets, fanart, picspams, etc. – including material from both season 1 and 2.

If possible, aside from the usual tags, please tag your posts with Black Sails Meme as well, so that it’ll be easier to find and gather everything in one place.

Have fun!


30 days Haikyuu!! challenge

Day 1: Your favourite character

feel free to use these icons if you’d like, but please give credit? :3