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Looking for a sweet list of adjectives to describe (or inspire) a character in your game? The link above should help. I’ve included screen grabs of the list below as well, just in case you’re the sort to like that. 

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Tumblr horribly shrunk those images.
It’s actually funny that a webpage so connected to sharing images has such unintuitive image editing features.
You had ONE JOB tumblr, ONE JOB!
Anyway… I don’t know how to resize them and a search online for help gave obsolete tips using old tumblr editing options. For now, let the screenshots be an indicator of what you’ll find on the linked webpage. If anyone knows how to resize an image in a link post, please send me a message. I can see this becoming a huge problem when I start uploading character sheets (etc) again.

Kansas Senate wants to imprison teachers who assign books it dislikes

Under Kansas Senate Bill 56, which passed 26-14 this week, school teachers who give students “harmful material” can be criminally prosecuted.

Kansas Rep. Joseph Scapa (GOP/Wichita) has characterized books by Nobel prize winner Toni Morrison as pornography.

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Worst. Plot.  Ever.

So Crystal removed the girls remembering their past when the seal was broken… for this crap.  The worst part is they were just on the moon remembering more happy times from their past... Yet not a single one of them remembers the dude they were in love with?  Why did Venus even attempt to keep this a secret once Serenity’s cover was blown?  She tells them to fight, then is suddenly “oh no stop we can’t actually because love” and then Sailor Moon steps in and suddenly it changes a third time to “oh let’s try and heal them.”  WHY NOT TELL EVERYONE IN THE FIRST PLACE SO YOU COULD PLAN TO HEAL THEM FROM THE BEGINNING!?  

Not to mention the lack of any reason these girls loved these boys in the past.  The story Crystal gives with this episode is “We went to earth one day.  We saw hot guys.  We fell in love in a convenient 4x4 pairing.”  The end.  I’m not a SxS hater.  I don’t really hate any ships unless they’re clearly unhealthy for the character(s).  Hell, I shipped myself with the potted plant at the arcade in episode 3.  But this was the worst possible way Toei could write this.  SxS is already going to be difficult to pull off in a believable fashion due to there being 4 pair the spare couples.  I’m sure it could be pulled off by someone out there.  That someone however is not Toei.  Pulling this off would’ve meant actually writing a new story that would’ve needed more episodes to dedicate to character development and interactions.  Not just following the manga until a scene is too inconvenient and has to be changed.

Sebastian called the corpse Eliot-Plath, a mixture of our middle names, as if he was family, our offspring perhaps, though Sebastian characterized him as an eccentric uncle, a Dickensian character of limited personality. Uncle Eliot-Plath complained of rheumatism. That was what he did. He blamed the weather (there was rain coming, thought Eliot-Plath) for making his bones ache.

"There is no rain, Uncle," Sebastian would tell him. "That’s just the rats gnawing at your knuckles."

We’re Here Because We’re Here is an episodic short story set in the trenches of the Great War. It’s got all the fun stuff: mud, gas, shellshock, friendly skeletons, crucified Canadians, and edible rosaries. You can purchase a PDF through my Gumroad store.

"What the hell did I just read" -Siegfried Sassoon
[Too busy shagging Keats in heaven to give a review] -Wilfred Owen
"Frankly, you should just read my books instead" -Pat Barker


Tauriel the Docent

How to Write a Jejune Love Story, Tip #41:

Have your lovebirds interact like third-grade assigned pen pals.

How to Write a Jejune Love Story, Tip #5:

Stilt your dialogue, Because nobody speaks naturally when they’re in love.

I finished Death Note today and yea, could say a lot but this will suffice:

1) Yes, the depiction/characterization of women lacks depth and plays into the submissive Asian trope.

2) After L dies it gets boring.

I feel like different writers came on board or something.

So in Season finale — Jensen improvised the ‘I am proud of us’ line — and Jared had added the ‘I Lied’ part .. See, if it comes to them, Sam and Dean, Jensen and Jared know, they just know how to make it feel right …. All these different writers, juggling Sam and Dean between them — Jensen and Jared are the only constants, have always been, for 10 years … They make those Sam and Dean scenes feel right, no matter how messed up the plot is and how un-spn the script and the characterization is … There is nothing that J2 would add or remove from the script that won’t be considered seriously by the TPTB … 

Everyone from directors to writers to the show runners look up to them when it comes to their characters … They have so much power here — and obviously, they both are laid back and grounded people .. but I trust them to never let anyone mess up with the characters they are so protective about … They have strong feelings towards each other’s characters too, they love them ..

Doesn’t shock me at all that it was Jensen who helped Colin Ford in understanding Sam’s character and how Jared plays him … And it was Jared who helped Dylan the most in playing Dean as Jensen plays it … After they themselves, it is the other who understands and knows their character the most …

Do the boys make you feel like they are too real concrete .. like people you love in real life … How it must be for Jensen and Jared can you imagine?

Every time I hear Jensen talking about the brothers (which he does .. like a lot), I just can’t help but think why doesn’t he try writing the script sometime … 


(most of the pictures are mine)

Androy (Madagascar, Coast of Southeast Africa)

The people inhabitating the most arid extreme-South of Madagascar are called the Antandoy (or Tandroy). The name Atandroy means “People of the Thorns”, characterizes the area where they live (southwest region of Madagascar, Androy “Land of Thorns”) and means “where there are thorns”, “roy” referring to a particular mimosa with long thorns (Mimosa delicatula). They have adapted to a very inhospitable environment, covered with thorny bush and plagued with drought. It is a constant struggle to find water and famine is regular.The traditional diet of Antandroy consists, sweet potato, cassava, zebu meat, manioc, millet and prickly pear (they consume less rice than the average Malagasy because of the extreme aridity of Toliara province).

The Tandroy are usually tall and strongly built, known for their fierceness and self-assurance. Their villages are hidden from the main road tracks, characteristically behind living fences of cactus. Their history has not yet been conclusively researched.

The Tandroy remained divided into numerous small entities, sometimes uniting their forces against common enemies, maintaining their independence towards the Merina until 1903 when French troops arrived. Throughout French colonization of Madagascar (1897-1960), the Antandroy - alongside the Mahafaly - were viewed as the most uncivilized of the island’s ethnic groups. This perception spread among fellow Malagasy, establishing a stereotype that characterized the Antandroy as half-clothed savages.

There are over 600.000 Antandroy. Many more are found in other parts of Madagascar where they migrate in search of work. Most of these migrants settle in separate communities, retaining their customs and return home after a few years. The migrations started in the 1920’s and intensify during times of famine.

people: i want realistic characterization/portrayal of a mentally ill character

character: *fucks up*

people: no not like that

soveryanon asked:

13. OriginS \o/

  • 13. things you said at the kitchen table
  1. "It’s getting late. Would you perhaps like to stay the night?"
  2. "… You’re still here."
  3. "What’s that you’re making?"
  4. "I’m glad you stayed."
  5. "You’re going to smell like fish all day, you really should have a shower. <3”
  6. "Mikuri, this is divine.”
  7. "What happened to the piece of diorite that was just here?"
  8. "Is that pancakes I’m smelling? Tell me you’re making your pancakes again, your pancakes have been haunting my dreams.”
  9. "Since when do I even own a pressure cooker?"
  10. "Is Milokaross feeling better? There’s a good doctor in Kanazumi City…"
  11. "There weren’t any Pecha berries, so I bought some Persim, is that fine?"
  12. "Rayquaza almighty, I swear you cook better than our professional chef."
  13. "I should probably just marry you."
  14. "Wow, really? Show me then this ‘better match’. Are they also a multimillionaire Champion? Can they achieve Mega-Evolution? Do they have prettier hair? Did they give you a Water Stone when they were courting you? I don’t think so.”
  15. "I sure hope so. Me too, you cruel, mean-spirited person."

I absolutely hate the fandom-wide policy of characterizing your ships as completely opposite spectrums. Like, for instance, I saw a post critiquing calling Bucky the punk one, and not Steve. Alright. That works. I get it- but then it goes on to characterize Bucky as this great big rule follower and it’s like…

Do you… not understand… that two characters… can share similar personality traits. Look, Bucky wasn’t as much as a stubborn mule who started fights on a daily basis like Steve, but the fact that he was hanging around Steve? And breaking up his fights? And living with Steve? Not to mention, Bucky isn’t some meek little child. Like. HE WILL FIGHT YOU THE FUCK BACK, if the Winter Soldier taught us anything, it’s that Bucky’s resolve is FEROCIOUS. 

I want less ‘Steve is the punk, not Bucky’ and more ‘They are both MASSIVE PUNKS IN DIFFERENT WAYS’

(anon please) There is one thing that I find very interesting about this article, and that is how the writer characterizes the fans:

His seeming neediness horrified his fan base, which didn’t really give a hoot about Alan Turing or The Imitation Game. They wanted their Cumby to be the guy who didn’t care whether he won an Oscar or even what other people thought of him. They wanted him to be like, you know, Sherlock.

To which group of fans is the writer referring? Certainly not the die-hard B e n o p h i e fans, who fawned over them from the moment the first photos were released, who praised her to high heaven, cooed about how romantic he is and what a beautiful couple they are, and enthusiastically cheered them on at every step of their relationship. Nor is the writer referring to the skeptics, who certainly did care about TIG and Alan Turing, and were dismayed at how much attention was paid to the relationship, and how little was paid to the man about whom the film was made.

I think the writer was referring to the middle ground of the fanbase, the ones who, while they don’t necessarily doubt the veracity of the relationship (mainly because they can’t be arsed enough to care), are definitely side-eyeing the timing of it (e.g. shotgun wedding, and getting married on Valentine’s Day right before the Oscars). They like Bubbles because he’s in Sherlock, but don’t really know much about his other work, and aren’t invested enough to want to learn more about Alan Turing. This section of the fanbase does overlap with the skeptics in one key area, however: we also didn’t want him to care so much about winning, or what people thought of him. We didn’t want him to be Sherlock, per se; we just wanted him to be himself. I wonder how many of the fans in this middle ground will roll their eyes at all the awards season shenanigans, and simply move on to the next big thing. Eddie Redmayne, for example.

As others have said, the East Wind is coming.

sathinfection asked:

courfeyrac isn't shallow, immature, or emptyheaded

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

Definitely not shallow or emptyheaded! gosh that characterization of Courfeyrac makes me so angry. 

The only thing keeping from putting ‘strongly agree’, though, is that he’s in his early twenties, and has probably lived a pretty sheltered life; even if he hadn’t, he’s still very young for the kind of work he’s doing - so are all - if not most of the amis, really - and unlike, say, Enjolras, he probably acts his age relatively often. He probably has some immature moments mixed in with incredible wisdom, especially when his friends are concerned. It’s… not a character flaw, and it’s not a bad thing! It’s him behind human, a young adult, a student, and an interesting character - and that’s what we love about him. :)

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What are your predictions for the Sonic movie? Do you think it will be good?

I’m very cautiously optimisitic.

On one hand, it’s great to see that the screenwriter is paying heed to at least one Sonic game that, for the most part, had the right idea about how to portray the characters. Sure SA2 isn’t on the Storybook game’s level when it comes to storytelling and characterization in a Sonic game but it’s not bad either. It’s relieving to see that heed is being paid to where it should be and no other influences such as SatAM are factoring.

Marza being the animators is also something to look forward to.

But then it’s the real world factor that’s got me concerned. We don’t need another retread of Sonic X’s premise. We don’t need obnoxious human characters who wrestle focus away from the main draws. And for the love of God I will facepalm so hard if they have Eggman played by a real actor instead of CG’d.

anonymous asked:

how do you feel about smut/crack? (2 questions)

- i love smut! unabashedly. 

-i’m pretty wary of crack. crack played straight, written well, and backed up with either great characterization or great plot is awesome. crack that’s a pile of random nonsense hammered out via teenagers on sugar highs…. is not my thing at all.