ok real talk: canon hanzo I don’t have much to say about, like I think there’s a lot of potential there to talk about indoctrination and family and expectations and Issues with a Capital I which would be cool

But fanon hanzo is…. just the Worst… Especially when ppl are trying to make him likable and make him the tsundere “ohhhh he’s so cute like a cat and secretly squishy on the inside” and no one ever touches on shit w/genji? Like ever? They’re all just like “nah they cool now it’s assumed they cool and genji’s just. Off in a corner. Doing nothing except being weirdly protective of his older bro when the plot demands it”

which is so lame?? Where’s hanzo trying to reconcile what the Shimada family was to him and what the Shimada family made him do? Where’s him going “ok well it was just because these guys were in charge and they were awful I can make it better”

where’s the hanzo who doesn’t join overwatch right away for fear he hallucinated genji out of guilt and it takes him months to understand that he’s real and hanzo did that to him and he can attempt to find redemption

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If only the clockwork could speak
I wouldnt be so alone
We burn every magnet and spring
And spiral into the unknown

Mourning Dove was a concept that got scrapped so long ago, recycled because he didn’t quite fit in how i wanted to.

But it’s a concept i couldn’t let die, so he’s back with a new face for a new story <3


Yamatone Takeru (AKA “Terry”) has been updated!  As always, thank you to all the folks who hung out with me in the stream to figure him out.

Not a whole lot changed on his design in this iteration–the things that DID change include his color scheme, his hair style (slightly), the shape of his eyes (slightly; they’re flatter on bottom now), and his overall apparent age.  In this version of the story, Takeru is about 14 years old–just old enough to start being mischievous and rebellious.  Goody for Professor Yamatone…

As promised, here is another height chart to show how Takeru stacks up against the others that’ve been designed!  A little taller than Mary, but that’s not really saying a whole lot…