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Cecil’s TAZ Fic Recs

Lookin’ for a good TAZ read? Here ya go. :M Cecil Approved™

(authors, if you’re on here and you want off, please don’t hesitate to let me know!)

Title: Tidally Locked by umbrastaff (@umbrastaffs)
Rating: Not Rated
Ship: F/F (Maureen/Lucretia)
Characters: The Director, Maureen Miller, Lucas Miller, Merle Highchurch, Magnus Burnsides, Taako, Angus McDonald, Killian, Carey Fangbattle, Boyland, No.3113, Johan
Summary: An AU where Lucas has the Temporal Chalice and Lucretia reflects on her life with him and Maureen before the bureau really got started.
Notes/Warnings: In progress.

Title: Some Poppies Grow Golden by umbrastaff (@umbrastaffs)
Rating: Not Rated
Characters: Roswell, Sheriff Isaak, Ren, June, Magnus Burnsides
Summary: Roswell flies back to Refuge for a visit. Seeing Isaak wasn’t in their plans, but things never really do go that smoothly.
Notes/Warnings: implied/referenced abuse, references to mind control.

Title: Salvation June by WolffyLuna (@wolffyluna)
Rating: General
Characters: June, Ren
Summary: Ren and June talk about flowers.
Notes/Warnings: A very sweet series of moments between found family. Fluff.

Title: Where We Go From Here by cassowarykisses (@cassowarykisses)
Rating: Teen+
Characters: Roswell, Sheriff Isaak, Cassidy, Ren
Summary: After the loops end, Roswell has to decide what to do with Isaak. It’s not an easy choice.
Notes/Warnings: Implied/referenced abuse, references to mind control. 

Title: We Two In Vermilion by fraudoc (@magnusthehammer)
Rating: Gen
Ship: M/M (Brad Bradson/Magic Brian)
Characters: Brad Bradson, Magic Brian, Avi, Killian, The Voidfish, The Director
Summary: Brad waits for Brian for one week, then two, then three. Mostly hopeful, always worried. Traitors didn’t deserve funerals, but maybe fiances did.
Notes/Warnings: Major Character Death (canon)

Title: Yeah, It’s Cool, I’ll Be OK by PrincexN (@princex-n)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Johan, The Voidfish, Original Characters, The Director
Summary: He doesn’t tell anyone about what he’s found. For one thing, Johan doesn’t want to have to explain what he’d been doing out there in the lake. For another thing, he’s curious as heck.
Notes/Warnings: There’s suicidal ideation in this. This was also inspired in part by my own fic,The Deft Bowman!

Title: Brother, You Will Return by placentalmammal (@placentalmammal)
Rating: Gen
Characters: Magnus Burnsides, Killian, Carey Fangbattle, Merle Highchurch, Taako, Julia Burnsides
Summary: Magnus Burnsides, after everything.
Notes/Warnings: Hurt/Comfort, post-canon. Lots of dogs in this one. 

Title: Magnus Burnsides’ Day Off by Schgain ( @waterloggedsoliloquy ;3c)
Rating: Gen
Shipping: Magnus/Julia, Background Ships
Characters: Magnus Burnsides, Merle Highchurch,Taako, Julia Burnsides,  Magic Brian, Hudson, Jenkins, Angus McDonald, June, Roswell, Istus
Summary: Magnus runs errands. Things quickly get out of hand. The feelgood modern au fic where everyone is safe and happy is here!
Notes/Warnings: In progress. References to trauma. 

mikkel & another new oc, mo. i’m still not super sure who these kids are but one answer is definitely: not as cool as they think they are.

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1. What You Own

2. I’ll Cover You

3. Take Me or Leave Me

4. La Vie Boheme

5. Seasons of Love

Does Simon Use Humor as a Coping Mechanism?~Character Analysis

This is for the TV show version of Simon. It contains minor spoilers for the TV show.

Simon is probably one of the funniest, if not the funniest, character. He’s always there for a good laugh. The writers use him as comic relief a lot. Sure some people are just naturally funny, but is Simon one of those people or did something in his life make him become funny?

Most famous comedians have terrible childhoods. Some were bullied by kids at their school for being nerdy or ugly. Other’s had an abusive parent or lost a parent. All of these things happened to Simon.

Simon’s only two friends growing up were Clary and Maureen. Most guys who only have girl friends tend to be called hurtful names and are shunned by the rest of the guys. Also, Simon is a huge nerd. He loves Star Wars and other nerdy things. He even wore big framed glasses in the first few episodes.  

Simon being bullied may have been why he started using humor. It helped him cope with the bullying. It could have also been when his dad died. It seems like he had little support after his dad died. He most likely had Clary, but at home I think he was alone. Rebecca (his sister) came across as cold. The two don’t seem close. Simon called Clary when he thought his mom was in trouble, not Rebecca.

After the death of Mr. Lewis Simon’s mom started drinking. Simon was taking care and comforting his mom. He probably was alone and scared. At most Simon was a teenager when his dad died. It seems like he was quite a bit younger though.

Simon has had a lot on his plate since a young age. Simon’s like a comedian who turned to humor to deal with being bullied, losing his dad, and his mom’s drinking. There’s a lot more to him than what meets the eye.

-Katrina Bell

the signs as characters in scream
  • Aries: Maureen Prescott
  • Taurus: Tatum Riley
  • Gemini: Dewey Riley
  • Cancer: Billy Loomis
  • Leo: Cotton Weary
  • Virgo: Principal Himbry
  • Libra: Casey Becker
  • Scorpio: Gale Weathers
  • Sagittarius: Stu Macher
  • Capricorn: Neil Prescott
  • Aquarius: Randy Meeks
  • Pisces: Sydney Prescott

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9 for Odyssey, 19 for Newsies, and 26 in general :)

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Fandom: Odyssey

9. Most disliked character(s)? Why? 

For AIO (as I assume we’re not going with Homer here) Phillip Glossman. HE IS SO PRUDISH AND SELFISH AND MORONIC AND GROSS. After him Rodney Rathbone. He neeeevverrrr learns, although it amused me cuz his voice actor plays my favorite character lol. That Maureen woman and Regis Blackgaard should also be mentioned, as I am very salty about both of them.

Fandom: Newsies

19. What is the one thing you hate most about your fandom?


Fandom: General Fandom

26. Most shippable character?

Uuuuummmm?? Something you’ll learn about me is that ships tend to be my least big thing in fandoms. I ship mostly canon stuff and otherwise I could take it or leave it. Maybe Lorelei Gilmore? Because I ship her with Luke (!!!) but I want Max to be happy too? (I’m in season 2 people) She’s the only one I can think of shipping with more than one person, if that counts. :)

title: tranquility
fandom: Shadowhunters
pairings/characters: Clary Fray/Maureen Brown
warnings: none
a/n: This is written for the Clary/Maureen squares on both my Rare Pair and tmifemslash bingo cards. It’s also written as an (extremely late) entry for @shadowhuntersaumondays coffee shop au Week. Huge thanks to @valoisqueens for the beta!!

Warm sunlight streamed through the windows at the front of the little coffee shop while quiet music drifted through the speakers overhead, filling the space with a sense of tranquility it didn’t normally have. Between the customers coming and going and the baristas practically having to shout orders to one another over the noise of the machines, peace was hard to find when it was busy. Even though it was not necessarily a good thing, Maureen was glad that it was quiet. It gave her some time to focus on things other than orders, like experimenting with drink flavours or trying to create a new kind of dessert.

There was only one customer in the entire shop. She was sitting at one of the sun-soaked tables, her hair falling over her shoulder as she leaned in to closely examine the project in front of her. Maureen thought she was probably drawing – she had an art student kind of vibe to her – and she desperately wanted to go and look over the girl’s shoulder to see if she was any good. It was a bad habit, Maureen knew, but she was nosy by nature.

Maureen couldn’t help herself. She poured some of her experimental drink into a clean cup and brought it over. Her plan was to ask the girl what she thought of the drink, but that kind of went out the window when she saw what she was drawing.

“That's… me,” Maureen said, obviously startling the girl.

The customer didn’t try to cover the picture or deny it, but her cheeks started to turn bright pink and Maureen couldn’t help but grin. “Yeah,” she said, her eyes glued on the table. “It’s for an assignment. We’re supposed to practice faces and you’re so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself.”

It was Maureen’s turn to blush, she just hoped it wasn’t as obvious as it felt. “It’s really good,” she said softly. The words hung there between them until Maureen introduced herself.

“Clary,” the other girl replied, finally meeting Maureen’s gaze.

“So, where do you go to school?” Maureen asked, looking back at the drawing. It was a great picture, much better than Maureen had expected.

“The Brooklyn Academy of Art,” Clary answered, tucking one of her long locks behind her ear. She continued without giving Maureen a chance to reply, “I don’t know if I’m misreading the signals, but would you want to grab coffee sometime? You know, when you’re not working.” She grinned and Maureen couldn’t help but smile too.

Maureen opened her mouth to say something when the little bell above the door jingled and a group of customers walked in. “I’ll be right back,” she told Clary before going back to the counter to take their order.

One group turned to two, and after that it seemed like a new customer came in every time Maureen finished the previous order, giving her no time to continue her conversation with Clary. Their eyes met a few times, and Maureen couldn’t help the disappointment in her chest when she saw Clary pack up her things and leave.

When the steady stream of customers finally stopped, Clary had been gone for over twenty minutes. Maureen went to clear her table and found the drawing sitting there. On the back, Clary had left a note that read, ‘Call me if you wanna grab coffee sometime.’ Below the note was her phone number and her name with a little heart next to it.

Maureen made the call as soon as she got home.

YA meme » Ten series or books [9/10] » The Shades of London

Back at home, people would have been weeping and doing a lot of very public group hugs. At Wexford, some people just aggressively pretended nothing was happening.