Older! Damian Wayne

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  • What are your ringtones for each other?

Damian’s for you is My Kind of Crazy by Thompson Square.
Yours for him is I Got You, also by Thompson Square.

  • Who kisses the other first?

It was Damian you’d been watching some cheesy rom-com and making fun of the completely unrealistic plot. You’d laughed at some smart mouth comment he made about the female lead needing to get over herself and Damian couldn’t help himself when he saw the way your eyes sparkled he crashed his lips to yours for a long and heated kiss.

  • Who says ‘I love you’ first?

You did, to be fair you thought he had fallen asleep on your couch again after a long night of patrol and you said something along the lines of “God I love you Damian.” as you stroked a piece of hair out of his face. You most definitely didn’t expect him to grab your wrist and pull you down beside him and whisper, “My beloved, you have no idea how deeply my love for you flows.” as he nuzzled his face into the crown of your head.

  • What is the first song you dance to?

The Runner and The Lover (Ft. Shelby Merry) by Former Vandal. It started playing on your Pandora/Spotify. “Dance with me,” Damion asked well more like demanded. Unfortunately, Dick recorded it, and now the entire batfam has a video of you and Damian slow dancing to a song that described the beginning of your relationship seamlessly.

  • Who’s the jealous one?

Damian, he usually tries to hide the streak of jealousy that strikes him like lightning but one day when your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend is attempting to hit on you despite your obvious discomfort and Damian hits them for it. Needless to say, your ex left you alone after that.

  • What starts your first big fight?

You two had been dating for a little over six months, and by that point, Damian had practically wrapped you in bubble wrap. One day you snapped at him and screamed, “Damian Wayne I am perfectly capable of walking down the street by myself.” To which he retaliated with, “Go, but see if I care when they pull your body out of an alleyway.”

  • How do you make up?

It’s been weeks, and all Damian does twenty-four-seven train or patrol. That is until he gets a call from you. Damian answered fully ready to snap at you because of course, you call him when you need something. That is until he hears your terrified voice on the other end of the line.

You don’t know why you called Damian Wayne and not the police, but you do. “Damian I think there’s someone in my apartment.“ You were afraid petrified even as you heard another crash from your living room.

“beloved, are you somewhere safe.” Damian asked as he felt his hart clench with terror.

“I’m hiding behind the false wall in the closet just like you taught me.” The only colors Damian could see the whole way there are the black of fear and the burning hot red of rage. The crooks who busted in your apartment didn’t even see him coming.

  • Who calls at three in the morning?

Both of you, Damian’s schedule as Robin is the cause of the matter. You know he’ll be awake, and Damian loses track of exactly what hour it is. It leads to a lot of interesting middle of the night chats.

“Beloved, how are you?” You hear thumping in the background along with several groans of pain.

“Damian, what are you doing?” You asked quirking an eyebrow.

“My love, do you even need to ask?”

“Damian Wayne you are lucky I love you.” You sigh playfully.



My two favourite quick-quippers in television history. The fast-paced humour in both series are too similar to keep myself from entertaining this idea…

Wayne from Letterkenny:…

and, of course, Sherlock from BBC’s “Sherlock


Isn’t this already a reality series?