Sweet Valentines~♥

Remember I posted a sketch of this a while back? It’s finished!!

This goes for my girl Rotodisk!! She sent me this gorgeous Dawn of Dance Frankie as gift but I asked her to turn it into a trade so I did this!. She deserve gifties. Thank you Porsha!!

Porsha asked me for a loli dress and I made this dress! I really really like this dress. Val was kinda hard to draw to be honest, I wish there was more of him, he kinda grew on me


Carrie Ann: …The emotional connection to every single move is beyond your years. You are just fascinating to watch.

Len: Your dancing is natural,it’s not forced. It flows. You move with effortless ease.

Bruno: That was as enchanting and charmful as Venice in the moonlight

Congratulations Zendaya&Val(Valdaya)

               1,000,000 Viennese Walt views on YouTube!!!!!.