Jurassic Park’s Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum to reunite in Thor: Ragnarok

It looks like Dr. Grant may be putting paleontology aside for an adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While doing press for Hunt for the Wilderpeople, actor Sam Neill confirmed that he has a role in Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok.

“I did a couple of days on Thor, just before I came over here,” Neill divulged to ShortList, but was tight lipped on further details.  “I had to sign all sorts of things that say if I say anything else, Marvel’s secret agents – and they are lethal – will come and get me, and probably my children as well.“

It has previously been announced Neill’s Jurassic Park co-star Jeff Goldblum is playing Grandmaster, one of the Elders of the Universe, in Ragnarok. Could Neill be playing another Elder? A minor character? Or something else entirely? 

In addition to Neill and Goldblum, Ragnarok stars Marvel favorites Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Jaimie Alexander, and Anthony Hopkins. Thor: Ragnarok is directed by Wilderpeople’s Taika Waititi and opens in November 2017.

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anonymous asked:

To the mun! Tell us something about Loki you find interesting :D

(( ALL THE LOKI! Just joking. Well, I find the fact Loki will have no mercy against his enemies but will be an extremely smol cute cinnamon roll to those who are nice to him very interesting. It shows how the character is childish (in a very awesome adorable and even scary way), how he is heartbroken and how he needs so much love. The problem is that in the films we don’t get to see someone who loves Loki and who didn’t lie to him and that really tried to help, not by competing, but by supporting him altogether.

If we got to see someone who really liked Loki and that really tried to help him without judging him, just helping him with his crazy plans, I’m quite sure he would have a lot of love to share. The problem is, that he didn’t have the chance to do that so far.

In his family, there was all that royal formality, plus he had to “be more like Thor” so being all fluffy and showing emotion was out of question.
Plus the exclusion from Thor’s group of friends. We always see Loki in a corner, not in the middle of Thor’s friends, having fun.
For unknown reasons, Thor’s friends always sort of kicked Loki away from things. I’m not sure if Loki became cynical and full of pranks because of that exclusion or if he was already like that and the fact caused others to exclude him.

But indeed, I’m so sure that if he had a best friend, someone who would always be there for him, no matter his choices, he would gladly drag that person to rule the world with him and would be extremely nice.
I believe in that because even if Loki doesn’t keep saying cute sincere things to people (because he’s introspective when it comes to his emotions), his actions reveal everything. (The way he keeps protecting Jane Foster in Thor 2, he didn’t need to risk himself doing that, I mean, he run to protect her then later he was almost sucked by a dimensional hole to keep her safe. Scenes before, he said he liked her, but used his tricky ‘not sure if he’s telling the truth’ way of expression, maybe to hide the fact he liked her was sincere.).

So if Loki kept saving Jane Foster because he “liked her” (not necessarily romantically) and partially because it was part of the plan (he did run a lot and seemed agitated when he saved her, he really looked worried, I think it wasn’t just part of the plan), then imagine what Loki wouldn’t do for someone he actually loved!

In the scene he stabs Thor (Avengers), it appears very fast, but it is possible to notice Loki cries. He loves Thor and hates to hurt him that way, indeed the alien army got out of control and Loki is causing a destruction he can’t stop.
He knows that. But he also knows it is too late to stop and that he can’t simply let Thor stop him now that he is almost winning.
Loki is conflicted, and that makes all this crazy big extremes between his actions happen.
Or he loves you too much or he is indifferent, or he loves you too much. And he will act accordingly.

So while he might look an extremely cold cruel leader, he also might look an extremely cute fluffy childish jealous cinnamon roll, who will keep saving you by impulse and play pranks to just make you smile. ))