Sigyn is a Norse Goddess who is the second wife of Loki the Trickster God. She is best known for her faithfulness during the period when Loki was imprisoned in a cave, tormented by a terrible venomous serpent. She is a goddess of loyalty and compassion, perhaps the most compassionate deity in the Northern Tradition. 


One did I see | in the wet woods bound,
A lover of ill, | and to Loki like;
By his side does Sigyn | sit, nor is glad
To see her mate: | would you know yet more?

This particular drawing has rendered itself somewhat momentous to me, because at the time that my utterly lovely, patient, saint-like commissioner requested it I was seized with SO MANY visions of how to accomplish it, and drove myself crazy trying to do justice to the mythos of the situation and the very unique relationship between Loki and Sigyn that can be inferred from the glimpses of her we still have. In the end I was struck most deeply by the phrase used to describe Loki as “the burden of Sigyn’s arms”, which brought to mind a very specific sort of temperance and strength not necessarily wrought in muscle, but unwavering loyalty.

So, in honor of that. Loki and Sigyn.


Dear Marvel,

If you choose to introduce Sigyn into the MCU, please for the love of all that is good in this world, do not do what you did to her in the comics.  Please do not make her Loki’s brainwashed and obedient sexy lamp.  Please do not make her into more Man Pain™ for Loki.  Please do not have Loki abuse her.  You have a chance to show the same progress with her character as you did with Loki.  You have a chance to be truer to the actual Loki and Sigyn of legend.  You have a chance to change the relationship you once so horribly botched into something really compelling.  Sigyn deserves to be the Peggy to Loki’s Steve, the Pepper to his Tony, and nothing less, because that’s what she is.

I know that’s a bit of a tall order for a company that brings back a dead male character at the drop of a hat with his own show, but hesitates to give us a second season of Agent Carter or the Black Widow movie everyone is screaming for, yet my request stands with a little candle of hope in its grasp.


A Concerned Fan

No, but think about the psychology of Sigyn and Loki at his binding. He probably doesn’t get a lot of visitors. He’s in a cave and chained up. There’s nothing to see or touch. And there’s an acid faucet over his body.

If Sigyn leaves, he’s going to be in social isolation, sensory deprivation, and physical agony. Keeping her goodwill is pure survival. He cannot afford to be anything except what she wants from him.

So his first act on being released is to lead the destruction of the universe and I wonder

just what has she been whispering to him, all these centuries?

(I love Sigyn, but I hardly think she’s the Marian symbol of saintly forbearance and forgiveness I sometimes she her painted as. She’s a mother who unjustly lost a child, for Hel’s sake!)

Norse Puns? Norse Puns.

Lorelei tells a fib. Loreliar.

Sigyn gets in an argument with Loki and Loki looses. Sigwins.

Sigurd smokes. Sigurette.

Bor fails to entertain a crowd. Boring.

Thor gets turned into a dwarf. Thorin.

Mjolnir comes to Thor. Mjolnear.

Mjolnir is separated from Thor. Mjolfar.

Laufey goes to a circus. Laufing.

Helblindi gets struck in the eyes in a fight. Helblind.

Hela greets a visitor. Helo.

Sleipnir is tired. Sleepnir.

Freya breaks you out of jail. Free-ya.

Heimdall is turned into a children’s toy by Loki. Heimdoll.

Hogun suddenly becomes very affectionate. Huggin’.

Sif takes a seat. Sit.

Fandral becomes an artist. Fandraw.

Loki jokes. Lokidding.

Odin All-Father’s father dies. Odin No-father.