If, however, a culture has not got beyond a point at which the satisfaction of one portion of its participants depends upon the suppression of another, and perhaps larger, portion - and this is the case in all present­day cultures - it is understandable that the suppressed people should develop an intense hostility towards a culture whose existence they make possible by their work, but in whose wealth they have too small a share. In such conditions an internaliza­tion of the cultural prohibitions among the suppressed people is not to be expected.
—  Sigmund Freud, The Future of an Illusion

Well this is the first picture I will be putting on here this is A Sigmund Mochi from the Bad God AU that kyokyo866 and lambofthelions and maybe a few others created as you can tell Mundi here is from the Hell Route of the AU *shudders*. Anyway I’ll stop rambling now bye bye I hope you like it!