Preferences: When He Has a Nightmare

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A/N: Crowley and Benny are included in this one. This is my first time writing for Benny, so I hope it’s okay!


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You notice Dean stir in his sleep about an hour into research. He had fallen fast asleep, for he was just running on fumes, so his random pass out was warranted. Soon after he begins to stir, you notice him clench his eyes tighter and his fists ball together tightly. You gently stir him, cringing when you see his emerald eyes look at you with panic. 

“It’s okay, Dean. I’m here, it was just a dream”, you comfort him, placing soft kisses on his forehead. When he calms down enough, you both head to bed where you wrap your shorter arms around his taller frame. Dean thinks it’s humorous that you’re the big spoon, but he can’t resist how safe it makes him feel.


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It’s around 3:00 AM when you notice Sam tossing and turning. His face was contorted into a grimace as he tirelessly fidgeted in his sleep. You shook him awake softly and eyed him with worry when he shot his eyes open and took in deep breaths. You rested your head against his racing heart while your hands gently held onto his shaking ones. After you felt his heart rate slow, you motioned for him to lay back down with him facing away from you. You could almost sense his disappointment before your arms made their way around his huge frame. Sure, you weren’t usually the big spoon, but Sam loved the comfort of your body pressed against his. 


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Normally, Cas wouldn’t sleep. But, when he was human for a brief time, he had to sleep. When he did sleep, it was riddled with hundreds of nightmares. When he awoke one night from an especially bad one, Cas reached over to you hesitantly. When you roused, you noticed the fear in his normally brave blue eyes. You let him relax in your arms as you held him, brushing through his brown locks with your fingers. When he was ready to sleep again, you lay behind him, snaking your arms around his tired figure. With the warmth and comfort your supplied him, Cas fell into a deep, peaceful sleep in a matter of seconds.


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Crowley had no need for sleep. Thus, he never had “nightmares”, but instead lived with the guilt of what he had done. One night, you noticed the absence of your boyfriend and got up to find him. When you did locate him, he was on his knees, pulling at his hair as tears leaked out of his eyes. You quickly knelt beside him, shushing him and cradling his head. These episodes occurred fairly often, but your comfort always seemed to calm him down. Eventually, you both made it back into your bed, where you wrapped your arms from behind him. He found peace from your tight embrace and the soft breaths you exhaled as you dozed off again.


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Because of Benny’s vampire status, he slept during the day. Even though you still slept at night, you would both cuddle for a couple hours while each other were sleeping. You noticed Benny clutch onto you harder as he grimaced in his sleep. You gently coaxed him awake, comfortingly running your hands along his face as he caught his breath. After reassuring him that it was just a dream and you were here, he calmed down enough to sleep again. He allowed you to be a big spoon (which didn’t occur often), basking in the warmth and security being in your arms brought him.

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Everyone’s gotta work to eat! No free rides! Unless you’re rich or have rich parents or marry rich or… (etc etc etc)

Anyway, work’s work. A lot of jobs are like, sustenance jobs. Things that need to be done for the cogs of society to keep turning. Jobs where their impact is less direct on humanity’s survival still exist of course, but they’re more prevalent in the larger, more populated settlements. The quality of life can vary wildly from settlement to settlement, so of course the jobs available and how much choice you have in the matter will vary wildly as well.

As I said in the answer to that ask about the viability of an art career in Verdamt, whether or not your dream career is a viable one is going to depend on where you live. You’ll always find some oddballs trying to pursue their dreams in a place where the situation and atmosphere is discouraging—that’s just how people are. When someone’s got a really strong passion, they’re going to do what they can to fulfill that passion.

So, to simplify it, small town = more farmers and practical jobs, larger city = a job selection closer to our vast amount of modern day options. There’s more to it than that, of course, but that’s the rule of thumb.

Some jobs that aren’t so common IRL have a larger presence in PT too, and there are some specialized jobs that plain don’t exist IRL as well:

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True Story: At the dinner table my wife asked me which sized batteries the camp lantern took. I said “they take “Ds”. Then I said “yeah baby you need the “D”. My wife not understanding internet humor had no idea what I was going on about and so she said: “I heard you I need the “D”, to which, I, perpetual adolescent that I am, laughed hysterically. My daughter Ann stood up, tossed her napkin down, gave me a look of disgust and said: “boys are gross”. 


CHAPTER 1: The kid who fell of the tree

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Have you ever forgotten how to spell an easy word? Like you know the way you are trying to spell it is wrong but you just can’t remember the right way? I once had that happen with “of”. I was spelling it “ov” and for the life of me couldn’t remember the proper spelling. 

Loud House: LOVE WINS <3

You should already know what this is based from! Thank you for finally making this cannon, Savino! I gave Luna a bi flag though just in case because it’s not officially confirmed if she’s a full lesbian. But I’m glad they did this. Imma call the ship name Sana.

And for those who are sad and ship Luna with someone else or your oc, just remember, no matter what, draw for yourself. Have fun with what you see with these characters. Enjoy the Loud House and what it gives you. Beside….I guess Rocky and Lucy aren’t a thing anymore? Continuity? WHAT’S THAT?

PS….I’m straight but I support LGBTQ. Have a good Pride Month.

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