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Lucas North (spooks season 7 & 8) - Change my life - music video

for @deepestfirefun, hope you like what I did. There will be another one for season 9 because there is no way to put everything into three minutes of song time.

Also: I know it’s not HQ but this is the files I have to work with. So fullscreen is not recommended ;)

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Richard Armitage Music Video Masterpost

Will be updated whenever necessary
Update 1:  Lucas North - Change my life

Lucas North - spooks (season 7 & 8)
song: Ashes Remain - Change my life

Trevor Price - Berlin Station season 2 ep 1-5
song: Royal Deluxe - I’m a wanted man

Daniel Miller - Berlin Station season 1
song: Jack Savoretti - Killing man

Thorin Oakenshield - The Hobbit - an unexpected journey
song: The script - Flares

Raymond de Merville - Pilgrimage
song: Jace Everett - God made you mean

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Looks like those screenshots are from when he played Guy of Gisborne, too (Probably the most appropriate, considering Guy’s fucked up in somewhat similar ways to Sandor).

(added a third gif btw.) I keep meaning to watch that show, lol_meme back in the day was so into it, everyone tells me it’d murder me with my favorite tropes, and I mean I see gifsets like this and I just die, but somehow I’ve never gotten around to it. One of these days…

@magalimoons​ replied:

#i’d use #altho still too old given sandor’s at most 30 at the start of the books lol

Hey, RA was only about 35-38 during the filming of the BBC Robin Hood, y’know. Still a bit old for Sandor’s 27-30 during the books, but for visual adaptation that difference barely matters, especially when it’s hot-as-hell Richard Armitage for goodness sake. ;)


      “No!” said he, “I put it to the touch once, and I lost it all. Let her go, — with her stony heart, and her beauty; — how set and terrible her look is now, for all her loveliness of feature! She is afraid I shall speak what will require some stern repression. Let her go. Beauty and heiress as she may be, she will find it hard to meet with a truer heart than mine. Let her go!
     And there was no tone of regret, or emotion of any kind in the voice with which he said good-bye; and the offered hand was taken with a resolute calmness, and dropped as carelessly as if it had been a dead and withered flower.