character:richard armitage


Found it @vintagemichelle91 😊 (I mean I had a pretty good idea where it was and I was right hehe)

I’m still pretty proud of my work on the cover art, but then your fanfic was so inspirational I just went with the feels haha

And seriously gurl this was an amazing fanfic. You better be proud of yourself lol. 22 chapters plus a prologue and some one shots thrown in.

We were a great team back in the day 😉💕


      “No!” said he, “I put it to the touch once, and I lost it all. Let her go, — with her stony heart, and her beauty; — how set and terrible her look is now, for all her loveliness of feature! She is afraid I shall speak what will require some stern repression. Let her go. Beauty and heiress as she may be, she will find it hard to meet with a truer heart than mine. Let her go!
     And there was no tone of regret, or emotion of any kind in the voice with which he said good-bye; and the offered hand was taken with a resolute calmness, and dropped as carelessly as if it had been a dead and withered flower.