Drawing by me

Drabble by @rongasm (based on my headcanon for this)

Lydia has realized that it’s always better to be alone when you aren’t lonely.

It had been a long, hard lesson for her to learn, taking years of trying to understand herself and understand the world. But, in the end, it had gotten her here. Strolling along the campus at GWU, passing underneath the lush green trees and waiting for Stiles to get out of his first week seminar.

The campus is beautiful, and without quite meaning to, Lydia’s mind begins meandering to what it would be like to live here after she graduates from MIT in two years. The thought is startling, making her blink in surprise and halt in her steps— a few months ago, she’d had absolutely no future with anyone, much less the boy she loved. And now she’s walking through this campus, counting on him, on them, on their ability to stay tethered to each other.

She should be scared. Instead, she’s smiling.

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