Imagine being Loki’s friend of a long time and he thought you were dead years ago. Now Loki is kind of a part of the Avengers he lives there. Imagine the shock on his face when you return, absolutely insane bloodthirsty and going to murder all of the Avengers in the name of Thanos. Can Loki stop you before it’s too late? Or will he be forced to kill the last love of his life?


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Title: Safe
Chapter/One shot: Chapter 8
Original Imagine:
Imagine you’re running from a bunch of vampire hunters because they’re convinced you’re a vampire because you escaped a cell at the lab where you were being held. You wish with all your heart that you were somewhere safe with someone you can trust. 
Author: starrynight35

Rating: T for now
Notes/Warnings: Language,
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Chapter 8

Loki slowly walked back to the door, then turned back to me.

“Are you ready, darling?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

He opened the door, beckoning the waiting Avengers inside.

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I AM HAVING FEELINGS brought about by this fanart of

  • Odin reading to a young, school-aged Loki, who is too ill to hold a book up on his own.
  • An older, teenage Loki reading to Odin the first time he falls into the Odinsleep, half terrified he won’t wake up. Loki reads to his father to ensure he knows how to find his way back home again.