Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Shown At San Diego Comic-Con
Even though Thor: Ragnarok, the third installment of Marvel’s popular Norse superhero, only began principal photography on July 4th, Marvel Studios had enough in the can to share with the jubilant Hall H crowd today. While the footage won't be released online, we have a full description for you here.

Director Taika Waititi put a piece together to explain what Thor was doing during Civil War. “I just am taking a break. We had this cool adventure saving New York, that was pretty great. So I moved to Australia and moved in with Daryl,” Thor says in a documentary-style video. Thor has Daryl help him write an email to both Tony Stark and Steve Rogers about their “Relationship problems.”

“Dear Steve Rogers, remember when I goaded you into killing those prisoners and you made me swear not to tell any of the other Avengers? I still haven’t. Please let me know if you need anything, I’m not doing much at the moment,” he said.

Thor had a wall of conspiracy theory about the Infinity Stones. “Who is the purple man in the chair? He’s purple, has a magic glove, and doesn’t like standing up.”

Thor sits down to talk with Bruce Banner, who gets a call from Iron Man. “No amount of money is going to get me into your little pissing contest,” he says to Tony. Stark doesn’t want to talk to Thor. Banner says that Stark says he doesn’t know how to get a hold of Thor, and Thor says he doesn’t have a phone, and should instead send a raven.

Next, a sizzle reel was shown from the first five days of filming. After a few very quick shots of Thor and Loki together (but no real indication of what they were doing) and some scenery that was clearly Asgardian, they showed several pieces of concept art. 

Loki was shown with a new costume, 

several shots of Asgard, and Thor was shown with some red streaks down his face. Many tribal-looking characters were shown, in fact, perhaps indicating the presence of the “Planet Hulk” storyline rumored. One quick shot showed what seemed to be characters from The Eternals, though they could’ve also been the Celestials. A new throne room was shown, too. Then came the big finish, with Gladiator Hulk (from the aforementioned Planet Hulk) charging at Thor in a piece of CGI test footage, with helmet, gauntlet, and weapon. A full shot of Cate Blanchett’s Hela was shown, looking pitch-perfect in full green, as if she leapt from the comicbook page. Finally, Hulk jumps, screaming, down from a high point, descending upon the fire demon Surtur.

I found this on Pinterst, but I cannot read the caption, so I don’t know if this is useful in terms of attribution or not :(  I will copy it here, anyway, just in case.

“Приют милого Локи или фан-клуб Тома Хиддлстона - Страница 1220 - Хеннет Аннун”

Imagine being betrothed to Thor, against your wishes. On the night before your wedding, you find you can’t sleep with all the stress of the upcoming nuptials, so you wander around the massive palace in an attempt to calm your mind. After aimlessly walking, you wander into the deep underground cells, where Loki is being kept. You don’t notice him when you pass by, but he notices you. He’s immediately infatuated with you, and calls for your attention. When you turn around, you’re greeted with a sinister smirk and piercing green eyes. His silver tongue and magic are quick to entice you and before you know it, you’ve been pulled into his cell with him. When you tell him you’re to marry his brother the next day, he decides to show you why he’s the superior brother, in every single delicious way possible.. You spend all night with Loki, barely making it to your room before maids come to wake you up in the morning. You didn’t want to marry Thor before, but now you loathe the idea and him. You want your hands back on his mysterious brother.

Imagine that as his punishment, Loki was banished to Midgard. His only way to get back to Asgard is if he can find true love, but he has only 3 months.
He goes around, seducing girls into sleeping with him but he doesn’t understand that he has to learn to love too. When he finally realizes that, he visits a library because that’s where good girls are. He meets you there- a shy and modest girl, who is trying to find books about astronomy because you’re interested in the universe. It’s a love at first sight for him, but you have to fall in love with him too and he has less than a month to make it happen or he will be stuck on Midgard forever.

I Like Her (Loki x Reader Imagine)

Request (@2cute4porter):  Could you perhaps do a Loki one? Maybe you two meeting for the first time and him being the typical Loki (obsessed with power, wants to rule every realm, evil etc.) and the reader is unimpressed by him, so she will take the whole situation with sarcasm and he will be shocked.

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You were waiting in the living room with the rest of the Avengers. You had all just moved into the Avengers Tower and were waiting for Thor to (unfortunately) return with his brother, Loki. Yep, the same one who tried to take over New York with an alien army and used mind control on your brother Clint. You hadn’t actually met him yet though but what you had heard was nothing positive. The rest of the team had found you wounded and hurt while they were on a mission. You had been on the run and were known to be missing for the past five years. When Clint found you he couldn’t believe it and he persuaded Tony to let you stay with him

“Reindeer games has arrived!” Tony loudly announced as Thor entered with Loki.                                                                                                                   “Oh, would you stop yelling!” Loki exclaimed.                                                     You rolled your eyes at him, instantly disliking him.                                            “Well you better get used to it.” You told Loki.                                                       He looked at you and smirked.                                                                                “Oh, and who’s this? Another freak to add to your group.” He laughed.           “Brother…” Thor warned Loki, obviously displeased with his behaviour.                                                                                                             “Oh, don’t worry Thor, what’s he going to do? Take over the world again? Let’s see how that turns out!” You replied.                                                                  Deciding you had had enough, you walked turned on your heels and went out the room into the kitchen. Loki was shocked but quickly recovered…                                                                                                             "I like her.“ Loki announced, smirking which earned a glare from Clint.

White Glass (LokixReader)

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  Loki glared at the white ceiling of his prison cell. No, he wasn’t in Asgard. Not anymore, at least. Thor had brought him back from Asgard once Odin agreed to reform Loki. Now the frost giant was on Earth, in the Avengers Tower. Who knows how long for.

  Loki couldn’t tell the time in his cell. There wasn’t a way to see if it was light or dark. No one visited him, aside from Thor, who would try to speak to him. Loki’s cold heart turned Thor away from him.

  Months, Loki thought to himself. He must have been in there for at least two months. His sleeping schedule was the same. Loki wished he started taking note of how many times he had woken up.

  Thor brought books, but none of the fiction of Midgard interested Loki. There was one book, however, that appealed to him. The Hobbit. He wondered if Thor would ever bring the rest of the series to him. He needed to shake J.R.R. Tolkien’s hand.

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