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Being a MorMor shipper is, in my opinion, one of the easiest ships to go along with. Half of our ship doesn’t even exist in the same universe, and the other half is (supposedly) dead. However, it leaves everything else to thus wonderful fandom’s imagination. We write fanfics, we draw fan art, we make headcannons and imagines to make up for the lack of official material. We can design their lives, looks, and relationship however we want, without being hugely disappointed in Mofftiss for ripping them apart or never putting them together in the first place.
Thank you to all those wonderful people who write and draw to fulfill our wildest dreams about a ship that will likely never sail officially. Because of you guys, we get material without disappointment.

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Was there ever an instance where even Jim thought a criminal/regular person/cilent took something too far? Like, it was sooooo bad that even Jim was like: "Damn that was evil, what the hell is wrong with you?!"


Surprisingly Jim doesn’t judge when it comes to things like that. He may find your outfit horrific or comment on your language or your hair but he will never question your beliefs or goals.

It doesn’t matter how bad the event you want to happen is, he will make it happen as long as it’s interesting enough for him. Jim knows that his customers want his help and they need him. That way he is in control because he knows that without him they’re less likely to get what they want. He is the button you need to push. And he is very “pushable”. I’d even go as far as saying that the crazier the client’s idea the more likely Jim is going to help.

Moriarty always wants to go a step further, to be on top, to defy gravity. Nothing is too sick or too evil. The bigger the better.

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Does Moriarty ever panic and if he does how does he deal with it/handle it?

There are situations when suddenly all his insecurities he’s had or still is having set in. Those are the moments when he’s helpless for a short amount of time. A period where Jim doesn’t understand what he’s doing and what his mind is telling him. It happens with hyper-intelligent persons and of course with those who experience psychopathic tendencies (chemical disbalance of the brain).

It takes time to sort out his thoughts and to bring them into an order. That’s why Jim usually acts out of intuition rather than out of reason. He doesn’t panic in a common way (where the person begins to question himself and loses control). Moriarty never was in control to begin with. Plus he would be too proud to admit that he can’t handle certain situations or thoughts.

You’re asking how he deals with it: He doesn’t. If Moriarty would deal with his problems he wouldn’t be the person we know anymore.

Jim is out of control and bouncing off the walls. That man is insane and he’s proud of it. Extreme feelings, sudden highs and lows, fear and excitement: they’re part of him now and he’s living with them. Jim is high on life and sensory impressions. He needs the stimulation of being alive and panic and peace help him stay in a balance and being a (sort of) functioning human being.

  • Me: *sees a villain character*
  • Me: Wow what a genuinely bad person, a literal murderer, undoubtly morally questionable, a true A-grade evildoer
  • Also Me: This is my small, misunderstood, sweet child. The tiniest. The lovliest. The purest little sinnamon roll.