character:jenny lee

Sometimes there is no map for the road we find ourselves upon. It lies ahead, uncharted, unfurling into mist. We are all travelling through one another’s countries. But it is no matter if we meet as strangers, for we can join forces and learn to love. And where there is friendship and affection there is the place we can all call home.
—  Call the Midwife (season 6 episode 3)

favourite fictional ladies

jenny lee, call the midwife

“The female body is a complex thing, at once fragile and formidable, vulnerable and brave. It carries the seed of our hopes, the bloom of our youth, the weight of our fears, it can nuture and tremble, inspire and terrify. It opresses and protects us, holding within it all that we are, projecting less than we wish to be, it is our enemy, our friend, the very vessel of our being. What the body takes it gives, and what it costs we never question.”