Look at Honey Lemon and Tadashi 

It’s heartbreaking to think that both of them look at each other the same way but they never got the chance to say what they felt for each other because of the fire and explosion. And the other reason of why they didn’t confess their feelings for each other is because they were scared. They were scared because of the question “ What if…”. I bet they both spend their sleepless nights thinking about those “ What if..” questions. I think Disney is trying to say that if we have someone we love and treasure then we have to take the risk because one day they might give up or worse die without them knowing what we felt the entire time we spent with them. 

166. George asked McGonagall if he could get married at Hogwarts so Fred's ghost could be there. Although rejecting him at first she quickly changed her mind when she saw how much he cried at the thought of his brother not being at his wedding.

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