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For Finn to become the Mockingjay of Storm Troopers, he needs to regret shooting them. Instead not only he didn't feel any remorse but was enjoying himself. Therefore, I don't think that Trooper liberation is set up in TFA. We weren't supposed to be appalled that he shot them, but cheer with him. I don't think Troopers were meant to be sympathetic and humanized beyond Finn. He's one of a kind and that's really it.

That’s kind of the vibe I get too, but I think it’s possible for the events in Episode VIII to shift things and indicate that Finn isn’t just a one-off. When Finn displays signs of aberrant behaviour there is talk of his being sent to reconditioning, and one can only presume there wouldn’t be a reconditioning program if every stormtrooper were perfectly behaved and completely loyal to the First Order. I don’t think Finn is alone in his dissent.

it actually never ceases to amaze me just how pure and open and loving Rey, Finn, and Poe all are, despite the fact they have every reason to become dark, twisted, and jaded

Rey was a young girl left to fend for herself on a hostile planet, she had to learn to fight for her share, fight to survive, yet she never loses her hope, she never loses her smile, she never loses the kindness and desire to help others in need

Finn was raised to be a Stormtrooper, raised to be a killer, conditioned and taught to be nothing but loyal to the First Order, yet he never loses his morality, he never loses his kindness to others, he never loses his smile and light, loving and caring about people so fiercely even if they had just met

Poe was a soldier, a legacy, he’s seen action, he’s seen the darkness of the galaxy, the horrors that people can do to others, yet he never loses that open acceptance for others who want a second chance, he never loses his smile, he never loses the hope, and the fire and determination to do what is right, to commit to defending others

all three of them, raised and grown up under circumstances that would every bit justify them being cold, distant, merciless, and hateful, but they thrive in the light despite all of that, they smile, they have hope, they share their love, and they’re so open to accepting others - they each have darkness in their lives yet they never allowed that darkness to make them take it out on others

we need heroes like them, we need heroes who doesn’t let the world spoil them, who doesn’t let the darkness of the galaxy to take away their hope for a better future - we need heroes who believe and forgive

Rey and Finn and Poe are truly the heroes we need and deserve, especially in our modern times