character:dean winchester


We’ve only known Dean for five minutes, and there’s already so many layers going on. The macho, devil may care guy that entered Sam’s apartment has disappeared. Admitting he doesn’t want to look for their dad alone makes Dean feel so vulnerable, he can’t even look Sam in the eye. Walls beyond walls, and we’re only five minutes in. 

The fact that Dean already owned a pair of $1000 + cowboy boots and a $300+ Stetson and had a freaking hat box for it.

The fact that he was unashamedly excited about getting to use them, had no qualms at hiding what he enjoyed, didn’t give a shit what anyone else thought and no-one batted an eye, they just though it was great that he was happy.

These are more than enough reason to send Davy Fucking Perez a fruit basket.

I really like how you can see dean re-evaluating his whole life in one gif. Like the cowboy hat already had him like “well damn” but then the accent is like *swallows all his thirst cuz hot damn* “cue the gotta get my shit together cuz fuck I just realized accent kink totally does it for me”

{ gif credit to @eka-darville }

I just wanted to take a moment to point something out— take a look at these two images. Dean and Cas’s respective backgrounds are wildly different. I noticed this when I first watched the episode— they look like they are in entirely different places. Behind Dean, it’s reddish and dark and hazy and distorted (reflecting his recent emotional turmoil anybody?) except for a bright, shining cross — the ultimate symbol of FAITH and HOPE — that cuts through the darkness. There’s the hope, the faith Dean has been lacking, suddenly back in the picture. 

And we have Cas, who crosses over from the phonebooth to be lit up, behind him a much brighter backdrop full of shimmering lights and movement. (He’s alive, he’s healthy, and he knows he has a purpose.) It’s still dark around the edges (he’s overcome his depression, but it isn’t gone, he is just choosing to fight it.) 

And then we get a hug. We get a shot from each of their perspectives, effectively tying the two backdrops together.

Now, I’m no expert on analysis, so I’d love to get some thoughts on this. But God, this is just so poignant and wonderful— kudos to the direction, and to the show in general for just continually blowing me away with their symbolism.