Brother Dean!
Dean finally got to see you have a normal life, hear you talk excitedly about your day at school and how you got a job at Chipotle and the new boy you like. and just how you both have a normal life now without worrying 

Imagine Helping Drunk!Dean to bed, and being scared of him" One Shot

Author: cumberbabeswillrise

Summary: Dean comes to the bunker drunk, and you remember a past boyfriend.

Warning: mentions of past abuse, swearing (little bit) Alcoholism

Word count:  972


Dean stumbles in the front door of the bunker. You hear him slowly make his way down the stairs. You close your eyes. You are the only one there tonight, and you don’t want to deal with drunk Dean.

“Hey,” he smiles, his breath smelling like whiskey.

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Dean: Hey Cas, I know I kind of ran out this morning but…Thanks. After how I came over…you could have just kicked me out.

Cas: No problem, Dean…anytime, really. …. So uh, would that be a first date, or…?

Dean: SERIOUSLY? I’m being open with you and - can’t you just like - UGH - WHATEVER. And Sammy says I’m allergic to feelings. Just ONCE I’d like to - UGH.

Cas: Dean - I - I…I was being…… …. … shit.


well, cas, you tried

You've Been A Bad Girl

Prompt: Can you make another sexual fan fic with dean but like punish

Word Count: 1,533
Pairing: Dean/Reader
Warnings: Spanking, teasing, anal sex
Author’s Note: Hey nonnie, sorry it took so long but I hope this is what you meant and I hope you still enjoy it! Sorry if it seems crappy, too, I’ve never written anal sex before and I’m trying my hand at something new…

Dean was always playing around like this, he would trap you between him and the wall smile down at you and talk about what a bad girl you had been. The moments like those were some of the most arousing, he would talk about how he would punish you for being bad, tie you up and spank you and leave you on the edge of cumming then finally he would take you in the ass.

It got you going each time but unfortunately neither of you had time to actually do these things. You were always on a case and stuck in crappy motel rooms with no privacy. In fact, you two hadn’t had sex in 2 weeks and you were craving for his cock. After the recent hunt all three of you were exhausted but also happy because the next day you would be able to go back to the bunker and sleep somewhere familiar and safer.

“I’m taking a shower.” You called taking off clothing as you went along, leaving your jacket on the floor outside the bathroom, you knew one of the guys would pick it up.

You turned the shower on adjusting the temperature and finished stripping hopping into the shower. You stood there and closed your eyes for a moment getting used to the heat when  you suddenly had a flashback of the hunt, remembering how hot Dean looked grunting and sweating as he fought the demon. You were paying attention to your own demon but you also couldn’t help but notice him. God, he was fucking sexy, you wanted to jump him on him right after you all were done.

Your pussy throbbed at the thought and your hand trailed up to your breast fondling them before going down to your muff, your fingers slid between your folds finding your clit easily. A moan bubbled up from your throat and you hoped the boys couldn’t hear it over the run of the water. You moved your fingers to your opening and imagined it was Dean’s perfect long fingers doing this as he looked down at you biting his lip.

“(Y/N).” Dean’s rough voice spoke snapping you out of your fantasy and you looked over to see he had drawn back the curtain and caught you in this compromising position.

“I-I, um…” Was all that came out.

“You’re being a bad girl, you know you can’t touch yourself unless I say you can.” You had no words for that and he took the moment to move your hand and replace it with his. Two of his fingers dipping into your wet core and you threw your head back closing your eyes leaning against the wall, the water still beating down on you and Dean was partially getting wet too.

His thumb circled your clit and you reached out to grab his other arm needing something to hold on to.

“Dean.” You moaned out.

“You close, baby?”

“Y-yes, Dean, I’m so close.” You panted moving your hips along with his fingers almost to your climax but suddenly his fingers were gone and your eyes snapped open to see him moving back to the door.

“Bad girl’s don’t get to cum, remember that the next time you decide to touch yourself without my permission.” He smirked and all you could do was stand there dumbfounded.

This motherf- “Fuck you, Dean, fucking asshole!” You yelled in frustration. You would have continued to finish off but the mood was ruined so you just washed yourself and got out.

You came out of the bathroom with a scowl on your face and a glare ready for Dean but he wasn’t out there. Sam sat on the bed watching tv looking bored.

“Where is that douche?” You asked

“Uh, store.” Sam answered quickly getting up and moving himself to the bathroom, leaving you alone in the room. You decided to just go to bed, tomorrow you would kill Dean but today you were too tired.

You were the first to walk into the bunker the next day and you sighed in happiness knowing you would be able to sleep in your own bed. The guys came in after you but you were well on your way to your room, putting your bags down and throwing yourself back on the bed. Usually you would sleep in Dean’s room but you were giving him the silent treatment, there would be no play for you two for a while.

“Why aren’t you in your room?” You heard him say and you raised up on your elbows to see him standing in the doorway.

“This is my room.” You snap, he sighed before coming in and closing the door.

“Are you really going to be this way?” He asked getting closer to the bed and you sat up fully. The way he looked at you had you automatically heat up and want to jump him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

You stared at each other seeing who would back down first and when neither of you did Dean came at you quickly making you lay back. He looked down at you silently and your breathing was sped up from how aroused you were. His hand traveled down to your thigh rubbing the skin there before going up your skirt.

“Dean, please.” You whimpered wanting him to touch you.

“But you’re being a bad girl.” His fingers rubbed you through your underwear having you gasp and move your hips to try and get more friction. He pushed your underwear to the side and slid a finger into you having you draw out a moan of his name. 

“Dean, I want you inside me, please.” You begged the heat in your core worsened as he slowly finger your dripping cunt.

“Oh, I will be, sweetheart but not exactly where you want me.” He answered and you were confused for only a second before he snatched his fingers out of you and turned you over on your stomach.

He lifted you up making you go on hands and knees and pushed your skirt up more exposing your ass, he ripped the underwear from your body and did it all so quickly that you were left speechless until he smacked your ass hard. You yelped at the contact and sting of the hit, tensing slightly and he laughed.

“If you tense up it’s just going to be worse.” He delivered another smack and you groaned, he rubbed the spots kneeding your already tender flesh before giving you six more good smacks. His fingers traveled between your folds feeling how wet you were and another laugh came from him.

“You’re dripping wet, baby.”

“Well. do something about it!” You said between clenched teeth.

“Good thing we have all we need in this room.” He got up and went to one of your drawers, taking out a condom and lube before coming back over to you.

“Now the fun can start.” He opened the bottle of lube and poured some on his hands, rubbing them together and instructing you to spread your legs more, you did so already knowing what he was about to do.

His lubed fingers spread your cheeks and rubbed at your small hole before trying to ease itself in, after a few tries he was finally penetrating you, prepping you slowly and you couldn’t help but moan. You hadn’t done anal with him for a while but you couldn’t wait for him to be in you.

He took his time getting you ready for him and you began getting impatient wish for his cock to be in you. He, so far, had gotten two fingers in your tightness and deemed you ready. He ripped open the condom and slid it on, he carefully and slowly prodded at your entrance making sure not to hurt you but when he was finally in you you both breathed a sigh. His first thrust had you give a loud moan and from there it was bliss but you could have done with some clitoral stimulation.

You raised your hand to your pussy to let your finger flick and rub your clit but Dean noticed and swatted your hand away.

“No. No, bad girl.” He reprimanded and you groaned

You felt his thrusts getting sloppier and it wasn’t soon after that he came with a growl filling the condom with his seed and slipping out of you to depose of it. He took a deep breath and helped you from your hands and knees and onto your back. You whimpered as he went to his knees in front of you and gave you a wink before his mouth was on your throbbing pussy, licking and sucking. His mouth engulfed your clit, you arched your back as his tongue lavished over you and you came harder, screaming and grabbing at the sheets and Dean’s hair.

“Fuck.” You rasped out breathlessly, staring up at the ceiling.

“Don’t say I never did anything for you.” He smirked as he stood up and looked down at you.

“I hate you.” You said giving him a push with your foot and he laughed

“Love you too, sweetheart.”