character:chummy noakes

Round of applause for Peter Noakes

Who, despite having a mother-in-law who hates him, still takes care of that mother-in-law when she is deathly ill. 

When she discharges herself from the hospital, he goes looking for her, then encourages Camilla to visit. 

Then after Camilla has another falling out with her, he goes to visit himself – even though her mother still hates him.

He calls her Lady Browne, because it makes her comfortable. Then he brings her to their house, takes care of her until Camilla gets there, helps her up the stairs and plays card games with her. 

All of this even though said mother-in-law doesn’t even call him by his first name. She always refers to him as “Camilla’s husband”

This is a man who knows that even though Camilla and her mother might not get along, love is still there. He knows that Camilla needs to care for and say goodbye to her mother properly, because if she doesn’t she will regret it and feel awful. And I think he genuinely wants Lady Browne to like him and to get to know her grandson, even for a little while. 

Peter, you win best husband award for this series. Well, you and Dr. T can share it. And Fred gets it on the weekends.


I generally answer to Chummy

posting some pics now because I wont have time post any til late tonight.

I think this is the first year I’m going as an actual person, yeah I know Chummy is a character but she’s a real person. I hope I did her proud!

More pics will be posted later, hopefully.

doing my Colleen Fernman impression in the bottom right pic because Gilda Radner. look her up if you don’t know who she is, she’ll change your life.

“In the final episode of Series One, I wrote a line for Miranda that, when she read it in rehearsal, actually made her punch the air. Told by her mother, Lady Browne, that she must wear white for her forthcoming wedding, Chummy retorts, ‘Sorry. No longer entitled.’”

— Heidi Thomas, The Life and Times of Call the Midwife