Baldr, the fairest of the gods, is the son of Odin and Frigga. Frigga asks every living thing to swear an oath never to harm him, but forgets to ask mistletoe for its promise, thinking it a harmless plant. The gods have great fun throwing various things at Baldr, since they will not harm him. Loki makes a dart of mistletoe, and gives it to the blind god Hod to throw at Baldr, killing him. Hel said that if every living being wept for Baldr’s death, he would be returned. Every being wept for him, save for one giant woman, who may have been Loki in disguise, and so Baldr resides in Hel’s hall until Ragnarok. 

At the top are Hades and Persephone, and below them are Baldr and Hel.

Baldr and Hel aren’t lovers in the old myth, but it’s a modern interpretation (got popular with the comic Valhalla) that I think is pretty cute, the idea being that Hel wouldn’t let Baldr leave the underworld because she had fallen in love with him, and Baldr didn’t want to leave anyway because the feeling was mutual.

That version gives it some similarities with Hades and Persephone’s relationship, so I had to draw them too.

Favourite Figures from Mythology (7/25)


God of love, peace, forgiveness, justice and light, in Norse mythology. Son of Odin, beloved of the gods and almost indestructible, Baldr is primarily known for his death after Loki pierced him with a magical spear made of mistletoe. He may return from the Underworld to rule the earth with his brothers, Thor and Höðr - but only after Ragnarök.

On Baldur and My Path...

When I began my wanderings into Heathenry, I did not quite expect such a draw to Baldur. In fact, I always expected myself to gravitate the most towards Odin, or at least the side of him that wanders and seeks knowledge (hence the name, fjorn-wanders). Instead, I have tended to think most often of Baldur and what he means in my life and worldview. Sure, it may not agree with everyone’s understanding of him, but I cannot help what I am drawn to through him. For me Baldur is balance, kindness, and constant renewal. He is more than that, but those would be the qualities I most admire, especially balance and moderation, which Odin shares as well, given the Hávamál.

Anyway, I think it is time for me to gather my thoughts and construct a path for myself. I feel the need to figure out a more clear worldview for myself, which will likely find Baldur, Odin, and Freyr at the center. It will also likely be a very localized practice, with emphasis on the landvættir for sure. I just need a bit more organization. With some stability, I may finally be able to renew my life and better myself and my lifestyle, and perhaps even my philosophies. So, it is time for me to start collecting my thoughts and organizing them into a proper practice of sorts. I have had enough stumbling around in the darkness – it is time that I found a new light.

Thanks, @lyrics-of-war. I appreciate that you are always willing to ramble on about such things. If anyone else wants to chat, I am always open and willing. I love rambling, and it really does help when figuring things out. I am definitely interested in finding a community of friends who are interested in walking a similar path. That is what I made this secondary blog for, after all.


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Baldr, god of light, joy, purity, beauty, innocence, and reconciliation. Son of Odin and Frigg, he was loved by both gods and men and was considered to be the best of the gods. He had a good character, was friendly, wise and eloquent, although he had little power. His wife was Nanna daughter of Nep, and their son was Forseti, the god of justice. Baldr’s hall was Breidablik (“broad splendor”).Most of the stories about Baldr concern his death. He had been dreaming about his death, so Frigg extracted an oath from every creature, object and force in nature (snakes, metals, diseases, poisons, fire, etc.) that they would never harm Baldr. All agreed that none of their kind would ever hurt or assist in hurting Baldr. Thinking him invincible, the gods enjoyed themselves thereafter by using Baldr as a target for knife-throwing and archery.

The malicious trickster, Loki, was jealous of Baldr. He changed his appearance and asked Frigg if there was absolutely nothing that could harm the god of light. Frigg, suspecting nothing, answered that there was just one thing: a small tree in the west that was called mistletoe. She had thought it was too small to ask for an oath. Loki immediately left for the west and returned with the mistletoe. He tricked Baldr’s blind twin brother Hod into throwing a mistletoe fig (dart) at Baldr. Not knowing what he did, Hod threw the fig, guided by Loki’s aim. Pierced through the heart, Baldr fell dead.While the gods were lamenting Baldr’s death, Odin sent his other son Hermod to Hel, the goddess of death, to plead for Baldr’s return. Hel agreed to send Baldr back to the land of the living on one condition: everything in the world, dead or alive, must weep for him. And everything wept, except for Loki, who had disguised himself as the witch Thokk. And so Baldr had to remain in the underworld.

anonymous asked:

Do you know anything about Baldur/Balder/Baldr? Like offerings, both physical and actions? Prayers, associations, etc?

Here are two posts I found that I thought were super duper interesting: post one and post two.

From what I’ve read, I’d offer him things that are white and brighter in color, fresh, unused, and things you simply find beautiful. My head keeps going back to white tea lights that haven’t been burned, fresh notebooks, and flowers / rocks you see randomly that remind you of him. Poems even, the blog @/constantly-disheveled once mentioned carrying a notebook around dedicated to a god/goddess etc. Have one for him, write to him. It says he’s beautifully spoken, so I’m sure he’d love to hear your own words. The god’s are very willing to enjoy what you’re capable of; just erm, stay away from mistletoe? 

As for actions, I suggest mercy and peacefulness. In all my readings this is mentioned in relation to him, so dedicate meditation, closure, and level headedness to him. If this are things you’ve struggled with in the past, I feel he’d take it as even more of an offering. It can be everyday things, like taking a deep breathe when you feel yourself getting frustrated or letting a situation go before anything can arise. Also, you can dedicate goals. Snorri Sturluson says  “He is the wisest of the Æsir and most beautifully spoken and most merciful, but it is one of his characteristics that none of his decisions can be fulfilled.” Dedicating this, and completing, could be a major offering. 

Anyways, these are just a few things that come to mind! I hope this helps.  ♡

Baldr’s Legacy

Bright One
Child of joy
Whom two giants wish to keep
Desire of all
Plagued by poisoned sleep
Innocent beacon
Unwary victim
Helheim, destined to fall
Sweet sufferer
Pure sacrifice
‘Til Ragnarok, sits in death’s hall

New god
To create the realms anew
Gloom’s kin
And both will be as two
Dawn herald
Asgard’s new Lord
Glorious light
Dragon’s Bane
Smites Nidhoggr with shining sword.


This poem was requested by princeofarcana