for: @naegichiis

pairing: alibaba/kougyoku

from @koumor

“Your Majesty!” Ka Koubun’s voice called from down the hall.

Kougyoku turned her head to see him running towards her, a smile on his face, nearly tripping on his robes. “Your Majesty, I am aware that you are retiring your chambers, but if I may be so rude-”

Kougyoku smiled. “Stop it! Ka Koubun, what is it?”

Ka Koubun caught his breath. “The imperial garden, Your Majesty” Ka Koubun said, still smiling, “it’s been finished.”

“Really?” Kougyoku exclaimed, breaking into a wide smile. “That’s great!” Unable to contain her joy, Kougyoku threw her arms around her old friend before stepping back, and taking a few seconds to contain herself. “Thank you for informing me of this, Ka Koubun. I think I will take a look at it before I retire to my chambers,” she said, and awkwardly bowed her head, remembering the degree of separation that an empress ought to keep between herself and her subjects.

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Happy Birthday Kaji Yūki!!!! I quickly made this birthday collage so yeah my mistake. I didn’t notice until I was done, my bad.I put two pictures of Speed-o’-Sound Sonic!


Magi Official Anime Fanbook - Third Batch and last of Anime Visuals

(Had someone telling me it’s better to upload them this way, since the pictures will be larger.)

Let me know if you prefer Scans as a “Keep Reading” under the Link type of post or this way please! ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

I have a few more scans left from this Fanbook. (Little adorable comic strips, which JuHaku Fans gonna love!) I will upload them in the evening!