Robb: *knocks on the Greyjoy’s door*

Yara: *opens the door* You here to see Theon?

Robb: Yeah, is he in his room?

Yara: *lets him in* Yeah, but I’m warning you; go in there at your own risk.

Robb, confused: Okay.

Robb: *goes up the stairs, goes to Theon’s room*

Robb: *opens door* Hey The-

Theon: *is sitting at his desk, listening to the “True Jackson VP” theme song*



Theon: Look-


I always wanted to do the right thing. Be the right kind of person. But I never knew what that meant. It always seemed like there…like there was an impossible choice I had to make. Stark or Greyjoy. It’s not my place to forgive you for all of it.  But what I can forgive, I do. You don’t need to choose. You’re a Greyjoy…and you’re a Stark.