(◕‿◕✿) Fun Thenardier Family Facts! (◕‿◕✿)

Azelma Thenardier exists and is basically forgotten by everyone in the fandom

After Valjean takes Cosette without paying the Thenardiers anything, Thenardier follows them and regrets not bringing a gun

Gavroche was kicked  out into the streets basically as soon as he could walk

There are five Thenardier kids, and out of them, two die and two are sold off and then left on the streets. Only Azelma is with the family until the end, and she and Thenardier are likely the only ones in the family that survive for very long after the book ends

Eponine nearly drowned herself but couldn’t because the water was too cold

Eponine went to the barricade knowing she would die- in fact, that’s what she wanted, and she wanted Marius to die with her

Azelma was forced to smash her fist through a window, injuring herself, in an effort to extort more money from Valjean

Marius feels indebted to Thenardier and has an emotional crisis over whether or not to turn the man in when he has kidnapped Valjean

Madame Thenardier died in prison

Gavroche broke his father and the rest of the Patron Minette out of prison at the request of Montparnasse, but Thenardier failed to recognize his own son

Gavroche takes care of two boys, never knowing that they are actually his brothers

These boys don’t even have first names

Mabeuf, not Eponine, was the first to die on the barricades

Eponine didn’t even die on the barricades- she died close to them, and only Marius knew about it

While dying, Eponine hears Gavroche singing nearby and asks Marius not to tell the boy she’s here, for fear he’ll “scold her”

Eponine, like Cosette, is usually portrayed as a young woman in the musical- in actuality, she was about fourteen or fifteen

In the musical, Eponine dies before she can say the word “grow,” while Gavroche is shot before he says “up.” Neither of the Thenardier siblings got to grow up

Thenardier most likely found his children’s bodies at the barricades, as he was in the sewers, robbing bodies

Thenardier and Azelma get money from Marius, then promptly move to America to trade slaves

The last time we see the unnamed Thenardier boys, they are wading through a duck pond to find soggy bread that was thrown in for the ducks- we never find out what happens afterwards, but it’s very likely they died without Gavroche 

By the end of the book, the only Thenardiers we are absolutely certain survived are Azelma and Thenardier