“Everyone wants something, Alayne. And when you know what a man wants you know who he is, and how to move him.”

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when you know what a man wants 

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you know who he is, and how to move him 

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how to move him 

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how to MOVE HIM

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I’m waiting for my Ao3 invite thing and I’m kinda rusty in the writing area so just hmu and I’ll write whatever you want! I have anon on so you can just shoot me an ask that way, I don’t mind.

Tbqh I’ll write whatever you want that’s Petyr x Sansa (SFW or NSFW), I just want to do some writing tonight and the next couple of days. I’ll probably do between 1k-3k for each prompt?

When boys and girls live in the same home, awkward situations can arise. Sometimes, I’ve heard, even brothers and sisters develop certain affections. And when those affections become common knowledge, well, that is an awkward situation indeed, especially in a prominent family. But prominent families often forget a simple truth, I’ve found. And which truth is that?


#this scene is so important #first littlefinger looks at jon leaving and then he looks at sansa and sees that she’s looking after jon and is on the verge of tears #it is in this moment littlefinger figures out that he underestimated sansa and jon’s love for one another #and he’s confused and taken aback because he is never wrong #he had a whole plan laid out #and now jon is finally gone and sansa holds the north in his absence #yet here he is #he failed to recognize that sansa and jon truly care about each other and that’s going to be a huge problem for him