The Amazing Spider-Man: Peter Parker [ISTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Peter dabbles in invention, in science, and other abstract fields that require creative thinking. He often chooses the more creative solution to his problem, working around things, rather than goes for the obvious choice (he is shocked when Gwen suggests he magnify his gadgets to keep Max from shorting them out in battle, because that solution is too factually obvious). He sizes up situations silently and then quickly acts to resolve the problem. His room is full of useful inventions to protect his privacy and… just for fun.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): He is a thrill-seeking daredevil who takes massive risks, who has quick-witted comebacks, and who does not always think through the consequences of his actions. Peter actually enjoys living on the wild side, putting his body at risk in high-pressure situations. He is keenly aware of his environment and strives to use them, both for his own enjoyment and to accomplish things. Peter sees chances to act in the environment and takes them – sometimes with disastrous consequences. He is often reactive in the moment, which causes him to get into trouble at school.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Once seeing what has happened in the lab, Peter quickly figures out the truth behind what is going on; not only does he discern who is responsible, but what his likely intention might be. He is “certain” of his conclusions and often tries to find evidence to back them up. His instincts about other people and their motivations are good. He has an instinctive knowledge of science and manages to piece together the secret of the underground train station without much discernible external evidence.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): He can taunt people where it hurts the most, with an obvious sense of humor, or he can calm them down out of an agitated state. Peter at first works toward his own purpose but comes to see a larger picture of what he can do for the good of NYC, so he begins to protect the innocent. He stays away from Gwen for awhile because her father asked him to, even though it’s what he wants. Peter’s emotions tend to flare out of control at times – he can become furious or even cry when he’s upset. That his uncle is disappointed in him hurts him to the core.

Note: retyped, former submission had him INTP. There are a few overlays but he doesn’t show much NeSi in comparison to his daredevil risk-taking side.

anonymous asked:

I feel like if Peter Parker and the Recruit knew each other they'd have a big sister little brother type of relationship because he's so young the Recruit would always worry about him being Spider-Man but he would reassure her and take her advice

He’d be a lil shit is what he would be. Sorry if this drabble is OOC, I actually know very, very, very little about Spider-Man *sob*

“Can you not look at me like that?”

“Like what?” You huffed and crossed your arms.

“Like that! The whole ’I-disapprove-of-you-protecting-NYC’ look.” Peter frantically waved his hand in your direction. “I’ve done this plenty of times before.” He pulled his mask over his face and adjusted it so it would sit properly.

“I don’t disapprove of you protecting NYC. I disapprove of you protecting the city on your own while you are suspended way in the air with only string.” You pointed an accusing finger in his direction and waggled it. “Not only suspended, you are swinging around up there! You cannot fly, young man, you know you can’t.”

“What are you, my mother?” The young superhero shook his head and shrugged. “And excuse you, it’s not string, its webbing. My biology is not so primitive.”

“You were bitten by a radioactive spider, you dork. What part of that implies you would have primitive biology anymore?”

The teen was grinning under his mask. You could feel it. “Glad we agree. Anyway, gotta go, Sis. People to save, buildings to swing from, you know how it is.”

Your lip quirked. “Get out of my sight, you cretin, and be careful out there.”

So opinions on Peter Parker media in general

Go away. Please.

Peter Parker has been in every piece of media multiple times. Not because he earned those media or even wanted. It is literally because Marvel refuses to let it go. Like I get it, Spider-man is still an ultra popular hero, but it says something when people actively push for Miles Morales to star in the next movie that it was tweeting world wide as soon as Marvel gained the rights to Spider-man movies. I am not the only that is sick of him too.

Here is the infuriating part of Peter Parker. Peter Parker has had major comic book long running franchises in Amazing Spider-man and Spectacular Spider-man(which is an off and on series) and Ultimate Spider-man until he died, several side comic book series, 12 television series, 5 movies, a live-action play, countless video games, and radio drama. Very few of anything of this has been critically good and most of it has been mediocre or flat-out terrible. Even in the comics save for Ultimate Spider-man, Peter does not develop and just is a static character. An overgrown man child who refuses to settle down and get married because it would no longer make him relatable to the audience. And the thing is…they wrote themselves in this circle. The most responsible thing that Peter Parker can do is to hang it up. He doesn’t need to be a hero anymore. He can raise a family with Mary Jane(presumably) and be a responsible adult. Spider-man isn’t needed. But instead of being a deconstructor of comic book superheroes that it was intended to be, it became typical superhero archetypes. He can’t die and stay dead(Ultimate Spider-man), he won’t retire, nor will he just settle down. I can name franchises that followed the Peter Parker model from Teen Wolf to Ben Ten. He just exists because he is the progenitor and that in of itself is white privilege. This is the typical out of touch and aloof white guy being portrayed as an outcast when we all know that is bullshit. He is basic as fuck. There hasn’t been a critically acclaimed Spider-man story centered around Peter Parker(aside from the Ultimate Spider-man comics) since the 1990s and the ones that were revolved around his high school years or college days. It speaks volumes that Marvel or Sony has to rehash the same story or period of time over and over again.

Case and point, the recent reboot of the Marvel comic books to the All-New and All-Different line introduced the Miles Morales comic book line as just Spider-man with no Peter Parker in sight. They said that Peter would just play a mentor role to the new Spider-man and this would be a thing. It meant that ,for once in any particular Spider-man media, Peter Parker would not be the face of the franchise. It would be either Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy, or Miguel O’Hara. And as soon you can say thwip-thwip, Amazing Spider-man was introduced with Peter Parker as a starting role. This fucked Miles as he now lost his original cast and Peter Parker’s prevalence ruined whatever purpose of Miles’ books being called Spider-man and now is yet another book Peter Parker is in.Gwen Stacy started out as a pet project that will quickly lose interest. Miguel O’Hara never really had a shot, but it would have been nice if he did. Cindy Moon was fucked as soon as Dan Slott unleashed her onto the world. Why is Peter here? Miles has had better comic books in the past 4 years. He has been more Spider-man than Peter Parker. People say that he is a D-list or C-list hero, but D-list heroes don’t trend worldwide. D-List heroes don’t have an entire universe to themselves. Out of all the countless people of color comics, Miles Morales has came out on top as the top selling one, next to Kamala Khan, because of sheer quality. Doesn’t sound like a D-List hero. The only reason he is not as well known as Peter Parker is because of what I mentioned above, the sheer prevalence of Peter Parker compared to Miles. Does Miles have a cartoon? No, he has only appeared in a cartoon. Miles only has comics which is a dying medium yet he still known well enough to trend worldwide. That is crazy in 2015.

It is a seriously disappointing that people of color have to wait until the tail end of this super-hero bullshit to get ours. Before you say, “what about Blade?” Blade is not a super-hero. Would you call Van Helsing a super hero? No. His comics or movies never gave that vibe. You don’t aspire to be anything like Blade other than being badass or whenever the Twilight franchise is mentioned.  It seems like the only way a characters of color can gain prevalence is through white character whether it is Luke Cage(Alias and Jessica Jones), or even Ororo Munroe(X-Men).