and the rest of the fe palette requests (fe6-10 and bonus chrom i guess)!!

most were fe but i did get little bits from other fandoms as well; after i finish up with some other stuff i will for sure get to those _(:3」∠)_

The whole Micaiah is underrated and stuff equates to “Micaiah was a Mary Sue” and bitch please

Mist wasn’t even part laguz and she could help sing the galdr and keep the goddess inside the medallion

Ike commanded an army at the age of what? 15? 16? And he wasn’t born a Begnion noble. Plus he had a rare view of equality

Soren was a mix a Daein and Goldoa royalty and is a mastermind tactician even though he’s young

Pelleas was raised a peasant but died as a king to save Daein

Sanaki basically kept a corrupt country and senators under control without the help of the goddess and she was a child/preteen to boot

None of these characters are Mary Sues/Gary Stues because they exist in a world where everyone has an immense potential. Fire Emblem characters are all incredibly strong and capable and exist well within the limits of their own world.

Micaiah is amazing because every character is amazing in their own way.

Day 21 - Favorite quotes from any character:

“Right. Ike, hero of Crimea, leader of the Greil Mercenaries, and father of Sothe’s children.”

-Micaiah, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

There’s probably some beautiful, profound quote a lot more fitting than this one, but my memory isn’t good enough to tell me what that might be ^^; And this line was so unexpected and hilarious that it was very memorable X)