endless list of favorite characters + Mary Stuart

“ I will let no one, not Elizabeth, not any usurper, take my country from me. Since I was a babe, I have been a Queen. Since a child, I have been alone on foreign soil. I know how to keep my life, my crown and I will. “

Okay so it was like 3 in the morning when I had an urge to doodle something Halloween but then I remembered this blog I found and my mind immediately went to Hallow so my hand slipped and this mistake happened

(Hallow belongs to @hajimarimajo if I’m not mistaken)


Kekkai Sensen (血界戦線)

Along with the Kekkai Sensen cover and poster in Spoon 2Di vol. 05 (Amazon US| JP) there was also a lengthy feature with Toshihiro Kawamoto (川元利浩) and Koji Sugiura’s (杉浦幸次) anime character designs.

The Aberford Cast (in one post)

The Main Four (The playable characters from the story mode)

Peggy Whitman

Former professional baseball player. Current housewife, mother of three, and terrible cook. Married to Arthur Whitman, Captain in the APD. Peggy is outspoken, tenacious, and strong-willed. Treats being told no as a personal challenge. Peggy’s planned AI personality is aggressive, attacking the nearest targets.

Betty Smith

Exceptional homemaker and chef. Also works as a nurse at Aberford General. Married to Phillip Smith, security liaison with Edwin Voorhees Industrial Laboratories. No children. Betty is kind, protective, and extremely competent at everything she does. Betty’s planned AI personality is Protective, targeting the zombies who are targeting the player.

Doris Baker

Doris worked as riveter during WWII while her husband Ralph fought in the Pacific theater. Now she waits tables at the local diner. Mother of four. Doris is tough, assertive, and committed to doing her duty as a citizen of Aberford and of the United States. Natural leader. Doris’ planned AI personality is Defensive, targeting the strongest or most dangerous enemies first.

Sylvia Hornberger

Sylvia’s fierce intelligence pushed her towards cutting-edge biochem research, where she met her now-husband Carl. She worked at Edwin Voorhees Industrial Laboratories for six years until she was terminated after becoming pregnant with her second child. Ruthless and tactically minded. Sylvia’s planned AI personality is Predatory, targeting the zombies that can be defeated the fastest.

The Expansion Characters (Play important roles in the main story and are playable in freeplay/multiplayer mode, with full side campaigns as stretch goals. Story details may still change for some of them.)

Norma Thompson

(I’m going to let a real artist do the concept on Norma, but Norma has strong facial features that people sometimes mistake for being severe or strict. She is, in fact, very warm once she opens up to people.)

Norma is the manager of Ms. Butler’s Boarding House for Girls and Young Women. She fought in WWII before transitioning and takes an experimental anti-androgen that she gets from a friend at Edwin Voorhees Industrial Laboratories. Norma is smart, practical, and very protective of the girls in her charge.

Mary Kuroki

A third-generation Japanese-American who spent her teenage years in a wartime internment camp. After relocating to Aberford, Ohio, Mary’s father sent her to college, where she earned a degree in Engineering. Mary builds rockets for Edwin Voorhees Industrial Laboratories and, much to her mother’s irritation, is unmarried.

Patricia Baker

At sixteen, Patricia is Doris’ oldest daughter. She’s a cheerleader at the local high school, where the zombie outbreak is particularly bad. 

Alejandra Rasmussen

Alejandra fell in love with a Mormon missionary in Mexico and married him shortly after he completed a degree in mathematics at BYU. Alejandra speaks very little English, but is a talented painter and is very self-reliant. She and her husband chose a really, really bad day to begin their new life in Aberford, Ohio.

So I was taking Trespasser screenshots again and holy shit

So my favorite kiss in the whole game so far is the Trespasser kiss for Solas. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the worst framed ones in the game (that I’ve seen so far.) It also cut out shit that’s kind of nice to know that’s going on with Solas in this scene, considering it’s probably the last time we’ll see them together like this. Seriously, if my walk cycle gifset didn’t demonstrate that whomever framed these shots should feel disappointed in themselves, this is really only going to edge closer to that.

Here’s the shot for the kiss as it is in the game:

Not…awful, but even with the slow pan they aren’t exactly centered in frame, Lavellan makes this weird kissy face, and all in all it’s just not a good looking shot. I’ve made a gifset of this kiss from a few angles in somewhat of an attempt to show it to fans from new, more interesting angles.

While I had it paused during the kiss I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before, and there was no way you’d know this without breaking the camera away, because every shot while they’re close is a close shot of their faces besides what’s above.

I mean, he makes a move to reach, and clearly he’s not taking her glowing hand sense it’s in frame in the above shot but like..just…just. Can you see it?


You never see this at all, nothing below mid-chest in the scene, yet they went through the trouble of actually rigging their avatars to hold hands when they kiss! This is so touching!

Why would they go through all the trouble to rig it and never end up putting it in the frame?? This is a beautiful moment between the two as it stands, and there’s so much we miss due to the cinematography. Solas doesn’t close his eyes throughout the kiss even though Lavellan does. He reaches gently for her while she’s in pain from the mark flaring up and takes her hand to comfort her while he uses his magic to remove the Anchor. His move to cradle her head before kissing her wavers like he’s fighting against his will to kiss her because he really has no business being so selfish but he wants to just one least time.

Say it with me: Solavellan Hell is Eternal.