Fic: Family Fun Day

Summary: An anonymous prompt from my Chance Encounter ‘verse: “It’s Belle’s first time of the museum’s annual event. People tell her that their director, Mr. Gold, is a scary, mysterious man but is definitely cool and genuine when he dresses up as Rumplestiltskin for this event.”

Chance Encounter was one of the fics I wrote for the Rumbelle Showdown earlier this year, and it can be read here.

Rated: G


Family Fun Day

Belle had always had to hide a smile when her colleagues at the maritime museum would warn her about the terrifying director, Mr Gold. They told her all the horror stories of the interns that he’d made cry with a single scathing comment, of the many secretaries he’d given nervous breakdowns, of the way he could manipulate the museum board into satisfying his every demand. Truth be told, Belle just found the tales amusing, because her first and lasting impression of Rum Gold would always be a slightly scruffy stranger in a parka in a cave, telling her all about the legend of the great smuggler Rumpelstiltskin’s missing hoard of treasure, and although, in her position as chief archivist at the museum, she frequently crossed paths with the director, their interactions had been never been anything but civil.

And perhaps, Belle admitted to herself, a little bit flirtatious. They did, after all, share something of an inside joke. Well, it wasn’t really a joke per se, just a little thing that no-one else knew about. That morning in the hidden cave was their private little secret, and Belle was content to keep it that way.

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  • Emma: Hey everybody! Thanks for coming to this, "Yay we Didn't Die, Again," dinner. Really appreciate it.
  • Belle: Wait. Why are all the chairs set up on one side of the table?
  • Emma: It was Henry's idea.
  • Henry: Yeah, if this dinner makes it into the book, the illustration will be all cool and Last Supper-y!
  • Belle: But it's so inconvenient.
  • Henry: Look, we can deal with yelling across the table for one night for the sweet da Vinci reference. Work with me here, Belle.