Stop the Slytherin hate 2k16

Slytherins can be nice

Not all Slytherins have a bitchy attitude

Not all Slytherins are rude and cold

Not all Slytherins cheat


Being a Slytherin means you value determination, ambition etc.

And none of those traits are bad

  • ron:hahaha look at hermione she's spending all christmas studying what a nerd
  • hermione:...dude i am studying how to make things fly around the room and how to transform things with mind powers
  • hermione:how are you not spending all your time studying this shit

Arthur Weasley is autistic. His special interest is Muggle technology and he infodumps about it all the time to anyone who will listen.

Hermione Granger is autistic. She has poor social skills and doesn’t realise how rude she can sometimes sound when she talks to people.

Neville Longbottom is autistic. His special interest is Herbology and he struggles to concentrate in his other classes.

Luna Lovegood is autistic. She goes non-verbal a lot and doesn’t see the point of fitting in with the other students her age.