character: wren thompson

  • wren diego thompson was born in virginia. 
  • his mother died during childbirth and his father killed himself when wren was seven years old. wren was thrown into care and for twenty years, it kinda fucked him up a little!! 
  • he was homeless for a year and then he moved to san francisco. 
  • he’s been a recovering alcoholic for nearly two years now.
  • he’s a bit of an asshole and he doesn’t let himself get attached to people. but since he’s been sober, he’s kind of calmed down on the whole slutty asshole-ness. (:
  • he’s all open for plots except lovers cos he’s kinda ~fixed up~ there.he fell in love with lux and then they got married in las vegas and now it’s a super big secret because wtf wren would /never/ get married. and ofc they want it to work out so there’s like this huge ‘nbd nbd’ about it. etc. 
  • but yanno they’re young and stuff happens and life sucks and skye breaks hearts and i’m going off on a tangent woopsie!
  • so yeah idk. luv him or s/t.