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Hey  ! J’ai été taguée par @je-fais-ce-que-je-veux​ ! Merci princesse ♥

Donc voici mes 10 personnages préférés de 10 fandoms différents ! C’est dur parce que j’ai plein de fandoms ! (9/10 sont des hommes haha)

Supernatural – Castiel (regardez moi ce BABY too pure, too kind, too broken)

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X-Men – Charles Xavier (Charles est une oeuvre-d’art pass it on + TOO MUCH FEELS)

Avengers – Clint Barton / Loki / Thor / Steve Rogers (OUI JE TRICHE ET ALORS JE PEUX PAS CHOISIR SORRY)

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The 100 – Bellamy Blake (Mon boyscout ♥)

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Once Upon A Time – Hook (l’incarnation des mots “sexe” et “sarcasme”)

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Hannibal – Will Graham (MY CUTE KILLING PUPPY)

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NCIS – Leroy Jethro Gibbs (First and ultimate crush)

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Harry Potter – James Potter (Je ne sais pas pourquoi c’est mon perso préféré en vrai)

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Disney – Kida (L’unique femme mais la meilleure ! Donnez-lui le titre de princesse pls D: )

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Star Wars – Luke Skywalker (Je défendrai la cutitude de Luke jusqu’à ma mort !)

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Il y en a plein d’autres mais bon, je ne peux pas tous les mettre ! (Je voulais mettre Dug et aussi je voulais parler de Doctor Who et combien j’aime Nine, mais je vais attendre d’être plus avancée pour voir si c’est mon perso préféré !)

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Can we talk for just a minute about how brilliant these two posters are?


Hannibal’s mouth is the focus of the poster for Season 1, and as we all know, Hannibal’s mouth is the center of his power. It is his ultimate weapon, how he consumes those he considers beneath him, how he controls and manipulates and exposes the pain of others so he can taste their pain, and while he is incarcerated, it becomes a literal weapon he uses to bite and brutalize and mangle. 

The rest of the poster is rich and sumptuous in its palette and pattern, elegant, indulgent, reflecting his manners and taste, both literally and metaphorically, with the napkin drawn up to his lips. Everything about the image is Hannibal. 

The focus in the second poster, by comparison, is Will’s eyes. The center of his power: his ability to see the truth of people, right down to their very core.

The rest of the poster reflects Will’s situation, both literally and metaphorically: the mask covers his mouth–it dims his mouth–not so that he cannot speak, but so that his words have no power. The unnatural lines of his confinement are repeated both before and behind him, in the lines of the padding and in the lines of the straightjacket. The colors are bleached almost to non-existence: it is a cold, colorless world he has found himself in, all but the stain of blood across the bottom that is Hannibal’s name. 

He is restricted in every way–except for his eyes, the very part of him that makes him so powerful.

And that is not a look of weakness in their depths.