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When Lightning Strikes Chapter 1 - Supply Closet

A/N: New fan fic author. I am obsessed with the Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Gotham. This is been something I’ve been playing around with for a while. I hope you like it.

Word Count: 1,115

Chapter 2 - …and four days

Chapter 3 - Going Home

Chapter 4 - Training and the Truth

Chapter 5 - Adulting and Alcohol

I couldn’t help but notice the way he looked at her. The way he always looked at her. He loved her. Iris didn’t even notice the way his heart ached every time she walked into a room. But I did. I noticed because I was feeling that same ache in the center of my chest. It swelled up inside me knowing the man I loved, loved someone else. She flounced into the room smiling, as I sat at my desk in the lab hiding behind my computer screen. “Barry, come on, that atom smasher thingy is about to start,” particle accelerator, I thought at the same time as Barry said the same thing. “Whatever,” she waved, “let’s get going.”

“I can’t. Joe needs me here and I’ve got some tests to run,” Barry sighed. Barry was helping Detective West with a case. We normally worked on cases for the whole department but he was always working with West. Probably because he was like a stand in father for him, but it often left me with more cases, more work, and less time for myself.

“Oh come on Barry you’ve been looking forward to this for your whole life!”

“I know but I’ve got work to do, and Joe will kill me if I just leave,” Barry explained as she rolled her eyes and stole his fries, “Hey!” The flirty looks they were shooting each other was too much for me to handle. It made me sick to my stomach, watching her string him along.

“Barry, I’m gonna step out for a bit,” I yelled not waiting for a response and rushed out of the room trying to hold in my emotions. Detective West was glancing down at a case file headed toward me. And before he could look up I ducked into the supply closet holding my breath. As I pulled the door behind me quietly I let out a large gasp of air. 

It’s like my chest was growing tight and all the oxygen was escaping my body. My hands were shaking as I swallowed a lump in my throat. And I was now at the tipping point of hyper-ventilating.

“Come on, pull yourself together. So he’s in love with Iris, big deal. Get over it! You have a job to do. Okay, breathe.” taking a deep breath I composed myself, “He doesn’t love you. And one sided love it torture so let… it… go.”

I took one more breath and built up the courage to leave my supply closet safe haven. The door opened and as I stepped out I ran smack into Barry.

“Whoa, Lola. I’m sor- uh, what were you doing in the supply closet?” he pointed to the door and looked at me head tilted.

“Oh uh, just needed to get a new file,” I said reaching for the shelf and pulling one out, “Well, see ya.” With a small wave I started heading back to the lab.

“Wait, Lola,” Iris called grabbing my wrist, “You like all of this science stuff too? You want to come see the particle whatever with us?” Do I want to see it? Yes. With the two of you? No.

“Um, you know I have a lot of cases to catch up on. Maybe if I finish I’ll meet you later?”

“You sure?” Barry asked with somewhat of a confused expression. He knew how much I loved what Harrison Wells was doing down at STAR Labs.

“Yep,” I said with smile and an emphasis on the p. “Have fun though!” I smiled and then spun around and rushed to the lab.

“That was weird,” I heard Iris whisper and heard Barry agree.

Great. Just great. Now I’m the antisocial workaholic weirdo.

As the hours passed I made my way through the mound of evidence waiting to be processed. Throwing myself into my work was the only thing that helped me deal with my stress. And you think I would know better by now. 

After transferring to Central City a year ago I thought I’d never have any friends let alone meet someone. And while I’m still somewhat lacking in the friends department I have somehow fallen hopelessly in love with a guy who seems like my other half. But I couldn’t think about that anymore. Especially when it was clear that Barry loved Iris.

To help distract myself I blared my music through my earbuds. Allowing the lyrics to drown out the racing thoughts in my head. And in the past three hours I ran test after test on DNA samples, soil collections, weapons, and more. Then I felt something tug on my earbud cord that made me squeal.

“Lola, it’s just me. Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you,” his crooked smile warmed my heart.

“Yeah I’m fine sorry. Just stressed,” I gave a small smile as I turned back to my computer with facial recognition running rapidly.

“Yeah I noticed,” crap, “What were you really doing in the supply closet? I know it was not to get a file, there’s a stack of new files right next to your desk.”

“Nothing, I just needed a break,” he grabbed the arm of my chair and turned me to face him. As he stared me down I tried to remain nonchalant. 

“Has anyone ever told you, you’re not a very good liar?” he raised his brow, green eyes searching my own.

“I’m not lying. Now don’t you have some cases to get to?” For another second he searched my face before giving up. 

“Fine,” he pushed away, splashing in the puddles from the leaking roof. 

“How was watching the particle accelerator?” I asked “Did you see Harrison Wells?”

“Yeah it was great, he gave a speech, but then someone tried to snatch Iris’ purse so we didn’t get to stay long. You should’ve come,” he looked at me. His eyes drew me out of my seat.

“But then the Captain would’ve killed both of us. Someone has to keep this CSI team afloat,” I joked nudging his arm.

“Hey, I work,” he laughed.

“Yeah for Joe,” l laughed stepping closer to him, both of us standing in the puddle on the floor, drops of water pooling on my shoulder. 

“Okay so you have a point,” and I nodded to him with a wide grin just as we heard a loud noise, “What was that?” Barry asked.

“I-I- don’t know,” and just as the words escaped my lips a bolt of lightning crashed through the glass windows, shattering them, and striking both Barry and myself. Electricity coursing through my veins, and heating my insides until the moment I hit the floor and lost consciousness.