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Belgariad Fancast- Gar og Nadrak

Merchants, miners and trappers, the Nadraks are arguably the most westernized of the Angarak races.  Their curious custom of buying and selling their women tends to raise a few eyebrows, as well as the copious drinking that makes up their national pastime.  Reluctant followers of Torak, the Nadraks are more interested in their commercial interests than any sort of religious obligation. 

Drosta lek Thun, King of the Nadraks, (Michiel Huisman) a thin, slimily handsome man, noted for his whoring and his frequent patronage of assorted places of ill repute.  Despite his play boy appearance, his displays surprising political acuity and defects to the West during the Battle of Thul Mardu when the forces of Torak begin to falter. 

Vella (Claudia Black) a prickly Nadrak woman, whose daggers are the only thing sharper than her tongue.  She eventually comes to be owned by Yarblek, when she meets the dwarf Beldin and is fascinated when she spies him transforming into a blue banded hawk, and when she learns his tongue is nearly as sharp as hers.  Beldin eventually buys Vella for a diamond the size of a fist, one hundred times more than any Nadrak woman had been purchased for since the dawn of time.  She transforms into a lavender banded hawk and flies away with Beldin, never to be seen again. 

Yarblek (Rick Hoffman) is a merchant and entrepreneur, Silk’s primary business partner and co-conspirator in their scheme to become the richest men in the world.  Yarblek is drug into many of the schemes of the powers of the West and proved to be a valuable asset in the manipulations of the greater powers. 

Oh, this is impossible,“ Vella burst out. "Do I have to do everything myself? Get out of the way, Tashor.” Rudely, she pushed the old trapper aside and glared at the crowd, her black eyes flashing. “All right,” she announced firmly, “let’s get down to business. Tashor wants to sell me. I’m strong and healthy. I can cook, cure hides and skins, tend to common illnesses, bargain closely when I buy supplies, and I can brew good beer.” Her eyes narrowed grimly. “I have not gone to any man’s bed, and I keep my daggers sharp enough to persuade strangers not to try to force me. I can play the wood-flute and I know many old stories. I can make curse-markers and pestilence-markers and dream-markers to frighten off the Morindim and once I killed a bear at thirty paces with a bow.

David Eddings, The Belgariad book 5 - Enchanter’s Endgame

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