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I’m actually about to cry. If there is one thing Teen Wolf will never fail at is showing us just how much these characters have grown together? The amount of love and devotion they each have? How they all so desperately want to risk their lives to save one person. The entire town is being erased and they still want to save this one goofy boy whom they all love and adore. How Lydia’s love for him breaks the barrier of a supernatural rift. How Scott who has no banshee-like powers can still remember his best friend, his brother. How none of them fully remember him yet, but Malia still knows he’s her anchor. How the Sheriff was able to conjure up his son’s old room in his mind

The McCall Pack will forever be the best ragtag misfits turned-to-friends group there ever was. <3

I’m surprised I haven’t seen more Loqi love out there *O*


Honestly, I know he was only in the game for like a second before *blasting off again* but his character seemed really interesting to me. Like I headcanon that he is an MT too and he and Prompto are actually like brothers who were separated when they were young…maybe even for some experiment to test these human like MT’s in different environments and also Promto being sent into Lucis as a spy but became defective? I don’t really know. I just really loved Loqi’s design and wish we could have seen more of him. 


Greatsword of the Abyss Watchers which is atypically paired with an unusual dagger. The dagger is utilized as a wedge in the left hand while the greatsword is held in the right, a unique technique that was synonymous with the Undead Legion. Confounds foes in the manner of wolves hunting prey.


These are my babies, Heart the Metallic Doll and Clover the Wooden Doll

They were based on a cute yet eerie dream I had where tiny doll children had to fight to protect themselves. I found the dream really intriguing so I’ve been making a story out of it ever since then! 


I’ve been doodling a lot of my @spicerpuffs fanchild, but I haven’t actually had the time to sit down and do anything good with her until now. I wanted to draw her in the reaper high uniform, and the costume she uses when she does hero stuff (she takes after her mom). I also drew a younger version of her first learning about her superpowers. Also I don’t think I mentioned her name in the first drawing I did of her? It’s Bianca. 


Despite historical and current political tensions with China, Japan loves the hell out of Disney and loves Mulan! This is a yukata by Secret Honey who have licensed a lot of official Disney products.

I was not totally convinced until I saw the little dragons on the collar. :)

The subtle purple print of Mulan characters at the bottom adds a bit of glittering texture, but there isn’t quite enough contrast in the piece for my taste. Regardless, it’s a really interesting piece that straddles the line between cosplay and “character goods”. :D

Phoenixtale Project not a Au Facts and Changes

Heads up: Sorry for bad grammar/spelling, so on and so forth…

Firstly: A lot of people will assume anything, and I mean anything that has the word ‘tale’ in it is a part of the Undertale fandom. Now I must make this fact very clear: My Phoenixtale Project isn’t an AU, it is a story based around OC’s and the multiverse. In fact, over the last 2-3 months I’ve been debating if I wanted to keep all of the multiverse in and as time went on I’ve seen many things happen in our fandom, in our very community, and much like many others I’ve started to question if I really want to keep my characters here.

So let me explain: Out of all of my characters there are just three which have caused a misinterpretation on purpose to hide what they really are. Emperor isn’t a Sans. He looked like one to hide what his species was since they were hunted to extinction. So due to me wanting to stop the confusion and to move my characters to what they were meant to be the whole time, these three will change appearance: Emperor, Vortex and Gabi (but not much).

As for the project; it will be called Phoenix Project or Canon Multiverse. It’s still a work in progress. Why Canon you ask? Simply because the characters that appear will be based on and will act as they were meant to be. The best example for this will be Paperjam, since PJ and my own characters have something in common. Just like mine, PJ isn’t a skeleton. He has his own species. Mine are not the same species as PJ though. The biggest clue was in my name and the project’s name. Many didn’t pick up on it. Anyway, back to the point at hand.

All characters who will appear in it will be kept to their canon personality and story. That goes for pairings too. This story has nothing to do with Frisk or the Undertale that inspired so many people to create their own characters. This is something very different. I will be focusing on my side blog where Artic and Valor are, along with some others. I will be revealing what they are over on Artic’s blog. Yes, the project will still feature the multiverse but none of mine are from an AU and they are not skeletons.

Some facts about my characters,

  1. Should you touch their head, you’ll find it is soft and has very small thinly placed fur/feathers to it. It isn’t really made of bone, it just looks that way.
  2.  Never poke their eyes. They do have eyeballs, but the white of their eyes is always black. They do not have magic eyes like skeletons. They glow for another reason and do have eyelids, so they do have to blink.
  3.  They can bleed and do have organs but they will not die easily. You need to destroy something first, along with two other important organs.
  4.  A skeletal form is much easier to make than one with flesh. To gain that ability they would need to devour something living before their body can create an illusion that looks like a living thing.
  5.  They can get what is called 'blood rage’. Their species is forbidden to devour blood or kill any of their own kind, as it can turn them feral and they will not be able to tell friend from foe.
  6.  They only mate/bond once in their lives. They will never bond with anyone else. Once mated, you’re stuck with them. A special bond is made which, if broken, can kill them. They only give their heart once and can die if it’s broken.
  7. All of their kind have wings. Even the halflings do but a rare few can hide them. Any and all feathers and fluff are sensitive, since it is a part of them, not some decoration on their clothes. The floof itself is a part of their true form, so try not to be too rough with it.
  8. They cannot lie. If they do, they will bleed. Only corrupted ones of their kind can do such a thing without getting physically affected.
  9. Should you bond with one, your own appearance will change and you’ll become a halfling, gaining some of their abilities along with wings and a crest. This varies between pairings depending on how strong the bond is or how they affect each other.
  10. they may look skeletal but are not. They are a completely different species. I would say what they are but that would be spoilers. I’ll let Artic answer that one. 
  11. All of them have tails, including Artic. The tail will sometimes look like a part of the outfit, but as I said: nothing you see is what it seems, this is just an illusion. If you touch the part that looks like a tail it will move. It can also bleed and will react to you. 

These are just some of the facts about them, not all. I will make a full list at another time.
Either way, here are just some of our non-skeletons. They may look like skeletons but they are not what they seem. 

Valor & Stardust (Canon Ship/ Pairing) -Bonded 

Much like Galaxy Stardust has always had his head markings and his wings that is nor from bonding 

Stardust his appearance before he met valor -

Artic & GalaxyLight (Canon Ship/Pairing) -Bonded

please note this here is Galaxy has always had wings and the diamond markings on his head this lead Artic to first mistake him for one of his kind. 

GalaxyLight how he first appears before he met Artic  -

Blizzard (no spoilers youll all have to wait for him to show up)

Precious  @purlywhite colored this one for me (She has yet to appear but will) 

These are just some examples Artic and Valor can be found over on  @articfrozenstar so you can ask them questions.

Artic , Valor ,Blizzard  & Precious  belongs to @twinklephoenix (me)

Stardust & GalaxyLight belong to @missladytale

Paperjam mentioned  belongs to @7goodangel

Also thank you to @purlywhite  who helped with the grammer and spelling XD 

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That is all from me all hail the post i  was working on for over  2 days seriously took 2 days to make this and find the right words,Anyway hope that finally clears up some stuff.  My characters are not from an AU Emperor has been lying the whole time and will be getting a redesign thank you everyone for all your support and for all the adorable fan art ill also be hoping to return to doing videos before long a lot has been happening in real life. 

Ill be making a brand new blog for the gang soon. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask me also hoping paperjam was a good example to explain what im trying to say. 

Little by little I’m becoming consumed by the entity that is Nier: Automata.

Story, characters, music, battle system, I’m convinced that I’m going to be thinking about this game a lot after I finish it. I’ve been so compelled to play just to see what happens next.

And that hasn’t happened in a while. I’ve played a lot of games, but only a few has left a “feeling” while playing/concluded playing.

(I’m still not done yet but, trust me when I say that it’s definitely one of the best titles I’ve played this year. I know it’s just March but, hahaha, yeah. You might see this game featured on your dash a bit from me now and then. >.>)