character: tyler winklevoss


awww the WinkleVii are LOOVE! <3


Winklevoss twins on their Gemini bitcoin exchange

Gemini Co-Founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss on the launch of their Gemini bitcoin exchange.
Watch Liz Claman talk about Currencies and Starting Business on Closing Bell and Exclusives.

TSN character name definitions according to Urban Dictionary

CAMERON - noun: smart; extremely good-looking; tend to be very trustworthy, but it takes a lot for a Cameron to trust another person; excellent athlete; charming;  prides himself in working hard and creating something unbelievable; bossy; cocky; flirtatious; respectful and gentle, yet fun and always a laugh to be around.

TYLER - noun: laid back; easy to get along with; kind of a douchebag; stands up for his friends; sarcastic;  very determined, but easily irritated; knows what he wants; strong ability to lead; a desire to become the best; Tylers mostly, if not always, reek of Axe Body Spray; reserved; can be extremely two-faced; charismatic; not easily forgotten.