character: tommy merlyn


Tommy/Laurel: Stereo Hearts

now i finally understand why everybody shipped tommy x laurel (i mean, more than the fact that these two were sweet and adorable)

(i shipped laurel with tommy, just as much as i shipped her with ollie in season 1 because i was a huge dinah x oliver fan [due to comics])

it took me some time but i finally got it [and i’m so bummed it took me this long to figure it out]

it’s because he never betrayed her. he was the only person in her life that truly loved her. he was always supportive of her and he respected her. He never toyed with her emotions and he never ever did anything behind her back. He truly loved and cared about her. He always put her before himself because that was who he was. He was a selfless guy. And gdi, why did you have to die Tommy? 

You were the person that Laurel needed. The person that loves her enough to never hurt her. Especially since the guy she thought she loved betrayed her, just as much as the sister who should always be on her side.

[Sara knew how much Laurel loved Ollie at the time (she was planning her entire future with him); and yet she went behind her back and slept with Ollie.

And Ollie did not love or appreciate his goddess of a gf at the time to not cheat on her. He was a playboy. He did not appreciate that this smart girl was fully dedicated to him. He truly does not deserve her then, and he does not deserve her now.

They both never thought about how their actions could hurt Laurel. They were rather selfish by sleeping with each other when he was still dating Laurel]

Tommy and Laurel were so healthy for each other. Laurel deserved a sweet, genuine guy like Tommy. Especially with every emotional turmoil she’s gone through for the past six years.

Tommy Merlyn's Arrow:

That Time My Mother Died And My Father Left For Over A Year

That Time My Best Friend Died In A Yachting Accident

That Time People Only Wanted Me Around To Throw Them Parties

That Time My Father Cut Me Off And Treated Me LIke I was Worthless And Meant Nothing To Him

That Time I Found Out My Best Friend Was A Serial Killer Who Had Been Lying To Me For Years

That Time I Dated A Girl For A Year While She Was Still In Love With Her Old Boyfriend Who Was My Best Friend

That Time I Worked For My Best Friend At His Nightclub And Was Super Awesome At It And Then Quit For Moral Reasons And Ended Up Accidentally Working For My Dad While He Was Trying To Blow Up Half The City

That Time I Went To Win Back My Girlfriend After My Best Friend Told Me I Should Only To Find Them Having Sex.

That Time I Died So You Would Know It Was A Season Finale And Not Just Another Episode And To Temporarily Drag Apart Oliver And Laurel Yet Again.


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