character: tom branson


Somehow, despite their mutually fiery personalities, Mary and Tom have found a way to compliment each other and become each other’s rock of stability, each one keeping the other cool and calm in the face of adversity. As confidants, they are able to trust each other because they recognize their own shared strengths in one another other: a scrappy persistence, an understated kindness, and a fierce, unwavering loyalty.

If Downton Abbey would only be brave enough to take the chance, it has a golden opportunity to develop a beautiful, realistic love story. Enough time has finally passed to make Mary and Tom’s relationship feel organic in a way few others have had a chance to be told on the show, because theirs is a relationship built on friendship, not drama. It’s the slow burn of the 20th century, and a different kind of epic — a story about finding a second true love after tragedy.[x]