character: toby nance

No. No. No. No. Nope not happening. Toby is fine. Dylan’s gonna get there in time to give the doctors the venom and the defib is going to work on Toby and Mac doesn’t have to look so broken and Dylan is going to get back in time for Evan and Evan is going to be okay and omfg omfg omfgomfgokmfdbvACL  FUCK YOU PRIMEVAL NW FUCK YOU YOU STUPID SHOW UGH FREEAKING SDFGHJKL I CANT WAIT UNTIL FUCKING NEXT WEEK UGH SCREW YOU ALL 

Three things I've noticed about PNW

1 - Brooke and Dylan’s reactions to seeing their first anomaly are exactly the same. Literally, both of them say “What the hell is that?” and I’m convinced it’s an omen for Dyvan okay

2 - When Evan helps Dylan over the fence in episode 4, not only is there the whole down-on-one-knee thing but he’s totally staring at her ass as she jumps over it.

3 - Toby’s shirt in episode 9 says ‘Life Goes Too Quickly’ and fuck that makes me sad ;w; mainly because it’s far too relevant to the entire fucking show