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A Guide to Break Ups ...

by Congressman Sean Reeves (Political Animals)

Step 1. Marginalize one of their most painful life experiences.

Step 2. Forcefully reject any attempt on their part to make you feel better or touch you.

Step 3. Insist the entire relationship was nothing but sex. There was no emotional attachment on your part.

Step 4. Insist that even the sex was repulsive.

Step 5. Tell them that they are nothing but a joke. Self worth is highly overrated anyway. They don’t need any.

Step 6. In case Step 5 missed it point, reiterate that they aren’t good enough. You want more than they can ever offer.

Personally, at the end of this, I wanted the congressman’s balls on a platter. Unfortunately, we can’t always get what we want.

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Fun Character Game

1) The LAST letter of your FIRST name.

A - D - Chase Collins
E - G - Jack Benjamin
H - J - Jefferson
K - M - Lance Tucker
N - P - Dr. Chris Beck
Q - S - Bucky Barnes
T - V - TJ Hammond
W X - Carter Baizen
Y Z - Leo Riley

2) The SECOND letter of your LAST name.

A - D - strives to
E - G - hates to
H - J - loves to
K - M - desires to
N - P - needs to
Q - S - refuses to
T - V - begs to
W X - fights to
Y Z - swims to

3) The MONTH you were BORN.

January - go dancing in the moonlight
February - kill his enemies without mercy
March - have sex every night for a week
April - go jogging around Washington DC
May - make out passionately
June - shoot guns
July - go on a romantic date
August - scream for justice
September - take the stairs in a whirl
October  - drink beers and shoot pool
November - play poker
December - tell knock knock jokes

3) The DATE of your BIRTH. 

1 - 8 - with your best friend

9 - 16 - with your worst enemy

17 - 24 - without you

25 - 31 - with you

Moodboard Request Guidelines

Hey guys, so after we realised that we have the same creative tastes we’ve decided to make this moodboard blog and we couldn’t be more excited about it!!


-Accepting all Sebastian Stan Characters, including Seb himself

- All requests must be character x reader

- Accepting Marvel characters ie. Steve, Natasha, Tony etc

- Accepting AU senarios!

- Please be specific as you can! I.e character, scenario, colour theme. Hair colour etc

- Let us know in your ask if you want to be tagged or not when we post them (anons allowed)

- If you want NSFW please say so but please 18+ only (no nsfw Peter Parker)

- Please no triggering themes!

- And be respectful of everyone’s moodboards

- We will try and get to as many requests as well can, but upload time may vary!

Looking forward to your request 🤗

Gen and Em
( @bucky-plums-barnes & @writemarvelousthings )

  • Douglas Hammond: I slept with her.
  • TJ Hammond: Yeah, I know. I did too.
  • Douglas Hammond: Mallory? The summer that you came out of the closet?
  • TJ Hammond: I mean, I had to make sure. Every once in a while, I've got to sleep with a woman to just double check. Look, they don't tell you when you get the gay card that breasts are off the table. I mean, breasts are awesome.

“You think this country is gonna applaud me for breaking my wife’s heart, for lying to everyone?” “Don’t touch me!” “Yeah, we had sex, T.J. Big deal. I was lonely, and, yeah, it felt good, especially if I kept my eyes closed. I’m not like you, all right? I’ve got a life, a career. I’m not some pathetic American punch line.”