character: tinkerbell


Mickey’s Halloween Party 2017

lets-become-stories as Ariel
my sister as Smee
my niece as Tinkerbell
my mother as the Fairy Godmother


Was anyone aware that Disney did this. Long before computer animation Disney animators had Live Action Reference Models they had them play out entire scenes and they would study them to animate. They did this with the little mermaid and most of Ariels mannerisms are those of the actresses.


I’m already in my twenties and I fucking cried my eyes out watching this movie. Especially the ending! I’m still crying as I type this. It’s sad because I’m thinking that when Gruff wakes up after 1,000 years, Fawn and the others are not alive anymore. The people or in this case fairies he met and come to love won’t be there anymore. That’s fucking sad man! I can’t stop crying! Please tell me I’m not the only one in their twenties crying so much for this movie. 

Also, can someone draw a version of that meme but fairy version? Thanks! 

Still crying!!!