character: tiffany

I’m going to leave with this

SNSD as a whole has done so much for KPOP. They are literally the nation’s girl group. They are known as the queens of KPOP for a reason. So, just because three members left and a possible disbandment gives nobody the right to downgrade their achievements because as 8 and 9, they’ve done a lot. So let’s list them right here.

-First Girl Group to win 100 Music Show awards
-First Girl Group EVER to win a DIsk Daesang
-They hold the record for the most Daesangs for a Girl Group
-They were the first Girl Group to have 100,000,000 views on YouTube, and has 5 with over 100 million and more approaching.
-Their Debut song is used in Korea as a legit ANTHEM for change
-THEY WERE AROUND FOR 10 YEARS and yet they stood tall and can still compete with rookie groups
-First Group to perform on American Late Night TV
-They have sold almost 95 million records; and more than 4 million physical sales, most for any girl group
-Held the longest music show wins (9) weeks on Music bank with their Iconic song Gee
 -Irrelevant but Hit me up when you faves have a LEGACY tab on Wiki
- Girls’ Generation along with the Wonder Girls, 2NE1 and more inspired your favorite artists; so don’t you ever disrespect them.

These are honestly the only ones I can think of on the top of my head so anyone add more, because there are so many more.

I will always love and support SNSD as a whole, and solo. I respect their decisions. 

Right now, in the future, forever; Girls’ Generation


Everyone says that it will not be easy to enter into the American entertainment industry as an Asian person. But up to now, nothing has been easy. Even promoting as SNSD was not easy. I worked hard with my whole heart, but the work was not easy. I trust in the words, ‘It will happen as much as you believe’. With the members, we achieved everything we dreamed of together, and right now, I’m in the process of creating a different Tiffany. Rather than worrying and wasting my time, I will practice acting. 

- Tiffany for Ceci (December Cover Girl)


Whatever the future holds

I will open it with these hands 

Even from the far and distant roads 

You continue to shine for me 

Because I know the strength of love 

More than anyone else…

Thank you Tiffany Hwang, Choi Sooyoung, and Seo Ju-Hyun for a beautiful journey with Girls’ Generation. We wish you all the best for your future success! 


“Even though we may be left in the darkness
Let’s be together until the end.
We are again and again and again.
Even though it may become faint,
I will keep it like the promise on that summer day.”