character: thea queen

A girl falls into an abyss.
(This isn’t going to end in a punchline.)
A girl falls into an abyss and the devil
grabs her feet to pull her down faster.
Teaches her to fight and says, this is for you.

He hands her a knife still wet with blood
from her back and says, still for you.
Sets her up for murder and says, I did it
for you. The devil has a way of dressing lies up
so well even queens will die to trust him.

There’s no part where angels come to save her—
nothing winged or arrowed left in this graveyard city.
The devil wraps himself around her and says,
I am all you have & don’t you want me here?
Don’t you need me here?

At the bottom of an abyss, a girl accepts the devil’s embrace—
but she’s weighing that bloodied knife in one thoughtful hand.

—  thea | elisabeth hewer | commissioned by scribbledinchalk

“So which one of us is to blame for this?” Roy asked jokingly, balancing a twin on each hip as he came into the living room. “Because as far as I know, twins don’t run in my family.” He teased. Truthfully, he couldn’t be happier than he had in this past year. He loved both of his children so much, and he had never thought it possible to love Thea more than he already did. But when he saw her with their son and daughter, he couldn’t help but think he had fallen for her even more.