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Being best friends with the Doctor would include

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  • Having a lot of fun together doing the most random of things
  • Being the first person he met after the Time war and showing him a lot of kindness which is why he asks you to come and travel with him in the Tardis
  • Him very slowly talking to you about what the time war is and what happened and you being very nice and patient with him through it all, comforting him
  • Noticing the little things about him, when he’s comfortable, when he’s angry but trying hard to repress it, when he’s sad but trying to look happy and things alike which is why in those moments you always try to comfort him
  • Being extremely sad when he had to regenerate

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  • Being a bit hesitant at first with him having changed his face but realizing he’s still somewhat the same man
  • This Doctor was less open about his emotions, always playing off happy but whenever he was truly angry he would really show it, you slowly started to find ways to comfort him
  • Noticing how he went from just being sad over the time war to feeling guilty about what had happened and you try to help him deal with this guilty because you can see it’s crushing him
  • Helping the Doctor deal with all the companions who leave him through choice or force and telling him you’ll never leave which both you know is impossible but neither of you really talk about that as it’s a good way to comfort him and you will travel with him as long as humanly possible.
  • Being there with him every second of the way

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  • Learning to deal with his different behaviour in the way that he is more childish.
  • Generally a lot more laughing and happy moments as he was in general more happy but you quickly noticed at least a quarter of the time he was hiding his real emotions.
  • Helping him accept those sad emotions and telling him that no one will think less of him for that and that he shouldn’t forget because it’s good to remember as it helps you progress as a being.
  • A lot of bad jokes when the two of you are alone, playing pranks on each other during travels in the Tardis and just having a lot of fun by doing     really weird or stupid things.
  • Remembering to always watch the Doctor because despite being the oncoming storm and sometimes him being properly angry he is literally the most clumsy person in the universe in this body.
  • Always being there for him whenever he needs anyone because this incarnation is even worse when it comes to not asking for help.

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  • Not giving a shit about the age thing at all which makes the Doctor both relieved and a bit surprised because Clara had quite a shock but the     Doctor knows you’ve been with him since after the time war.
  • Either really liking this more sarcastic version of the Doctor or disliking it more, either way twelve still really enjoys your company as no matter     which incarnation you always seem to get him.
  • Helping him deal with his issues just like you did with the other doctors
  • Realizing this Doctor was more protective than the ones before and continuously saying he ‘has a duty of care’
  • Laughing at how oblivious and wrong this doctor could sometimes be and how he was not shocked by the weirdest things you thought off or found in the Tardis.
  • Staying with the Doctor after he lost the memories of Clara and not telling him anything about her because you know it’s for the better. Also, keeping in contact with Clara so she knows if the Doctor is all right.
bazwillendinflames replied to your post: are y'all missing the part where Bill is…

Doctor: yeah the tardis turned into a woman once. Bit weird. Bill: *fanning herself* tell me more

I can’t wait for Bill to be super gay with every single character in the show that is remotely female-coded, including the fucking spaceship, it’s gonna be glorious

the lesbian we all deserve


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